Analytical Imaging Facility

Equipment usage policy

 Equipment Usage: 

  • All users must be trained by AIF staff. Nobody may use any equipment unassisted without first being trained by a member of the AIF facility staff. 
  • You must have a reservation to log on to any piece of equipment. 
  • Sign up times are strict. If another user is scheduled after your appointment, you are expected to vacate the equipment promptly at the end of your scheduled time. 
  • You may cancel a reservation up to 4 hours in advance using ILab. 
  • To cancel an appointment after the 4 hour deadline call the AIF staff x3547. 
  • Appointments more than 30 minutes late without notifying the AIF staff or leaving a written note in the log book will be considered a no-show and that appointment may be forfeited to the first interested user. 
  • No-shows will be billed for full scheduled appointment time. 
  • Users may be billed from the sign-up time (so you are billed for the time you are late) but users are not billed for the entire reservation if they complete their appointment early. 
  • No user may book more than 3 hours in any one day (9:00 AM to 6:00 PM) without first obtaining permission from AIF staff. Exceptions can be made on a case-by-case basis upon email request to Frank MacalusoVera DesMarais and Peng Guo. 
  • There will be no restrictions on equipment sign-up after hours and weekends.  
  • Users may not change default settings on any machine. Each imaging session begins and ends with the microscope in the “standard configuration”. 
  • Users must follow the appropriate hazardous material and waste policies.
  • Please notify a staff member if there is anything wrong with a piece of equipment. 
  • All publications that include data generated in the AIF, must acknowledge the Analytical Imaging Facility of the Albert Einstein College of Medicine.   


Policies on Storing Data on Facility Computers: 

  • No data may be stored on facility hard drives for longer than the time signed up for equipment use. Typically, user files are deleted after 30 days. 
  • All data must be saved in the designated User Files directory.   
  • At the end of your session, you must remove your data. Therefore, budget your time accordingly.  



Feel free to email Frank Macaluso if you have any questions, comments or suggestions. 



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Call us (x3547) or support (617-297-2805) if you have difficulty making a reservation.


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