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Before bringing samples, fill out the order form and sample manifest, and e-mail them to Min Cai, so we can give you an estimate for the services needed. You will have to provide a grant number (for Einstein faculty) or get a PO number (non-Einstein faculty) to be charged for these services, you will not be charged until you receive your data. The order form, sample manifest form, and sample handling guidelines can be downloaded using the window highlighted to the right of this introduction. Please put a hard copy of sample manifest inside the samples box. You must review the markings on all tubes/samples so when a bar code is generated for your samples, there will be no confusion.

For the modules listed below, information is organized for your review of the pertinent metabolic pathways. For example in module 1 there are “hyperlinks” in the Pubchem ID and Sub pathway columns. If you click the link in Pubchem ID, it will take you to pages of information about the metabolite, including structures. If you click on the Sub pathway hyperlink, you will get taken to the small molecule pathway diagram database, and you can visualize where your metabolite is relative to others in the pathway. Clicking on a metabolite in the figure will take you to the human metabolome database for more specific information about that metabolite. The same framework can be found in the Excel results file provided to users for Module 14, the Widely Targeted Small Metabolite (WTSM) profile.



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