Laboratory of Robert Burk



Ullmann Building, Room 515
Phone: 718.430.3720


Our laboratory studies the evolution and pathogenesis of human papillomaviruses, the most important cause of viral-related cancers in humans. A number of these viruses are sexually transmitted and a small group of these viruses (for example, HPV16 and HPV18) are major causes of cervix cancer worldwide. Our lab focuses on the cutting edge of translational medicine using clinical samples to investigate the relationship between HPV-associated cancers and viral genomics, viral and host DNA methylation, and microbial communities (i.e., the cervicovaginal microbiome). These studies are geared at understanding basic concepts of viral evolution and cancer, but also have the potential to lay the groundwork for the development of biomarkers for HPV-related cancers. We collaborate extensively with epidemiologists, clinicians and investigators from the Genetic Epidemiology Branch of the National Cancer Institute, NIH as well as investigators, clinicians and scientists from Einstein and the greater New York area including the American Museum of Natural History (in NYC).

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