Orientation Committee

The Einstein Orientation Committee welcomes you to the Einstein campus! They have been working hard planning fun activities that you will take part of during Orientation. During this week they will help foster a brand new community of friends and colleagues as well as build your Einstein spirit!

Lindsay Pattison

Lindsay Pattison

Hamilton College


I am from Altamont, NY and studied Geoscience in college with the goal of pursuing a career in outdoor education. Shortly after graduating I decided to explore medicine and spent the next three years working as a medical assistant in dermatology, a clinical research assistant in rheumatology, and attending a year-long Post-Baccalaureate Pre-Medicine program at the George Washington University (not in that order). My hobbies include long walks around the Bronx, indoor soccer at Einstein, drinking lots of tea, reading, baking and cooking, late night talks with friends, running, hiking, and swimming.

Take time every day to do something that you love, that invigorates you or grounds you.

Jeff Wu

Jeff Wu

Princeton University


I grew up and went to school in NJ where I majored in Philosophy. In my free time I like to dance, read, and train for marathons.

Don't forget to have fun and take care of yourself!

Mia Bates

Mia Bates

Oberlin College


I am from the great land of Corning, NY. I studied Neuroscience and Psych (kinda?) in college while also running Track and Cross Country. During my gap year I worked in a NICU at Mount Sinai. I am about to (if COVID does not postpone it again) get married to another Einstein MS2 which is exciting. I love to run, play nerdy board games, cook, and I recently taught myself how to sew.

Choose happiness and selfcare whenever possible. It is pass/fail you don't need to stress yourself out to get a 90 anymore.

Ashley Berlot

Ashley Berlot

Binghamton University

I grew up in a small town outside of Scranton, PA. I attended Binghamton University, majoring in Integrative Neuroscience. I graduated a semester early in December, 2018, then spent the next six months obtaining a certificate in Nutrition and Wellness Consulting and traveling through Europe. I enjoy running, reading, crocheting, and spending time with my friends and family.

Take advantage of all the dogs to pet in the buildings!

Adira Boniuk

Yeshiva University Stern College

I am from West Hempstead, New York. I majored in Biology and I spent my gap year applying to medical school and working as a lab technician in my undergrad. Here at Einstein I am one of the presidents of the pediatric interest group, affectionately known as "PIGgy." I love to read, watch TV, cook, and build LEGO with my husband.

Take at least one night off from studying a week, and one full day over the weekend! (With the exception of major upcoming tests). It is so important to spend time doing things you enjoy so that you don't experience any burnout. You can always make time to do the things you want.

Katherine Chemakin

Katherine Chemakin

SUNY Binghamton University

Hello Everyone! I grew up in Manhatten but moved to NJ for highschool. In Binghamton I majored in Neuroscience and Anthropology. I was a member of Phi Delta Epsilon (the pre-medical fraternity) and MEDLIFE. Though MEDLIFE I traveled to Peru, Ecuador, and Tanzania setting up and working for mobile clinincs abroad, and organized soup kitchens and blood pressure clinincs in the local Binghamton community. Durng my gap year I worked as a scribe in a holistic internal medical office in the city. I LOVE travel and the more animals I can see at each place the better (living near the Bronx zoo has been a treat). I love to paint, sculpt, travel, play tennis, swim and nap.

A lot of people says that “oh in medschool you may need to adjust how you study -may need to try this and that..." Don’t let that get to you- if you have a way that works (maybe different for different classes) stick with that. Don’t feel pressured to use resources that others use. Keep an open mind of course but don't feel pressured to go with everyone else. For example many people are obsessed with anki but I don’t like it and the whole first half I felt so pressured to use it which in the long run slowed me down. Once I went back to what made me more comfortable I started doing better in my classes.

Emily Chen

Northwestern University

Welcome to Einstein! I grew up in the Seattle area and went to college in Chicago where I majored in neuroscience. I took a gap year before medical school where I worked as a scribe at a GI clinic. I love hiking, solo traveling, exploring new restaurants, playing tennis, and watching dumb reality TV shows.

It's true what they say...Getting into medical school is way harder than succeeding in medical school. You guys will be totally fine!!

Jong Hyun (Daniel) Choi

Jong Hyun (Daniel) Choi

UC Berkeley

Welcome to Einstein! My name is Daniel, and I was born in South Korea but grew up in Los Angeles so I speak both English and Korean. I like listening to KPOP and can't live without eating Korean food every other day. I love to travel and have been to many places in Asia, Europe, and the United States. I also love to have fun with chill people.

Medical school isn't too difficult so relax and try to have as much fun as possible!

Timothy Darby

Timothy Darby

Stony Brook University

Helloo. My name is Tim and I was born and raised in Suffolk County on Long Island. I graduated from Stony Brook in 2019 with a degree in biomedical engineering. I thought engineering would be cool because ExxonMobil ran an inspiring ad campaign about "being an engineer" and for a few seconds I thought I could change the world. After a several semesters of physics and calculus slowly draining my life, I decided that learning about the body would be a much more useful and fascinating pursuit. My ultimate goal in life is to create new therapies that can help humans live indefinitely. I find that goal to be far more achievable than being an engineer. Outside of academic interests, I love watching anime and learning about the fascinating physical forces that define our universe. I hope to someday be proficient in python and perhaps work at NASA studying how space travel affects aging processes within the body. I try to convince myself that I enjoy exercising, but I only really like it when I am playing basketball or volleyball. I am the father of the cutest little avocado tree.

Medical school is a fresh slate -- tabla rasa. What you choose to do with your time at Einstein will define your experience here. While that can seem like a huge burden, it does not have to be. Explore the interests that make you want to get out of bed in the morning. Join clubs that can help you change your perspectives. Associate with people that make you genuinely smile. Some people spend their four years grinding every day and others live carefree and aim to just pass. Living either way can be the right thing for you. Set your own goals and learn how to achieve them. These goals do not have to always be professional goals either. Have fun and never hesitate to ask a question. Cheers

Ali Debasitis

Ali Debasitis

Boston College

Welcome to Einstein! I'm from north of Boston, MA along the northern coast. I attended Boston College as a Biology major and Philosophy minor, and I was the section leader of the Drumline along with being involved in other music groups. During my gap year I was a medical assistant at Newton Wellesley Dermatology where I learned how much I loved being able to get to know your patients as well as engaging in procedures. Besides music, I also love exploring NYC's amazing food and culture, reading, anything Disney related, spending time outdoors, and getting into friendly arguments about the Red Sox vs. Yankees!

Explore everything - the school, NYC, new passions - this is the time! It may be a little overwhelming to start med school at first, but we're all in this together. You got this!

Blake Ebert

Blake Ebert

Westmont College

I grew up moving around the world every 2-3 years, but have lived in NYC for 4 years. At Westmont, I majored in Biology, Chemistry, and Spanish. After graduating, I moved to NY to pursue an MS in nutrition at Columbia, where I became interested in a career as a physician scientist. After working for two years as a lab technician, I entered Einstein as an MSTP student, where I am studying DNA methylation in embryonic development. When not studying, I enjoy running, playing cello (any musicians out there?!), and cooking.

Take time to nourish meaningful relationships both within and outside the Einstein network.

Jose Fernandez

University of Florida

Welcome peeps, glad to welcome you all to the family! I was born in Cuba and moved to Miami when I was 7 years old. I grew up in Florida with my big family around. For undergrad I moved 5 hrs away from home which was enough to gain some independence given that I am the only child of two amazing but slightly nosey parents. I graduated with my B.S in Applied Physiology and Kinesiology in 2017 after which I took 2 gap years were I scribed for several specialties in my undergraduate affiliated hospital. These days I like to dedicate my free time to mentoring underrepresented minorities, exercising, and watching shows/movies (wish I read more). My fave hobbies include playing pick up basketball and listening to music (mainly hip-hop). This coming year my goal is to become a better cook and read a bit more... maybe we can motivate each other. Oh and I have the cutest lil lab mix :')

1) Dont commute if you dont have to. 2) Do the 2 week biochem course if you have the option. 3) Dont let the first month of med school stress you too much, things eventually (seem) to slow down. 4) Focus on building a balanced schedule from the beginning, AKA build your good habits early. 5) Try different study methods, but dont over do it and actually stick to a method for long enough to judge it. 6) Ask for advice!

Sana Fujimura

Sana Fujimura

Stony Brook University

I was born and raised on Long Island. After college I took a gap year and worked as a medical scribe, SAT/ACT tutor, and DJ. I am so excited to be here in the Bronx because I love the community, the culture, the people, and the diversity (and I hope you guys feel the same when you get here!). I have way too many hobbies: record shopping, playing music (mainly guitar), writing verses/rap/poetry, thrifting, running, cooking (recently making bread), deep late night talks with friends, watching Netflix series in Spanish, etc etc.

Don't let "medical student" be your sole identity- it will drain you! Pursue your hobbies/interests. And don't freak out if it seems like everybody except you knows what they are doing - I still don't.

James Gary

University at Buffalo

I was born and raised in Sleepy Hollow, NY and went to school upstate in Buffalo where I majored in exercise science. I didn't decide on medicine until later on so I took 2 gap years where I bartended and did research. In college I competed in powerlifting and still like to exercise quite a bit. I play guitar, love shaking up cocktails, and hiking the tristate area with my free time.

Find some sort of physical activity that you like, and keep up with it in school. I've found it really important for maintaining low stress. Also, keep up with your favorite hobby, you will certainly have time to. Finally, don't worry. It sounds cliche, but the admissions committee picked YOU because you can do it. We all have some degree of imposter syndrome and that will fade with time.

Sara Glickman

Cornell University

Welcome to Einstein!!!! My name is Sara and I’m from Queens, NY. I majored in Nutritional Science at Cornell. After graduation, I worked as a medical scribe at City MD for a year. I love sushi, coffee, running, gardening, Broadway, and the Mets.

$5 Wrappy hour at Healthy Kitchen is the best kept secret

James Hammock

James Hammock


I'm from West Virginia and attended WVU where I majored in Biology with a focus in Ecology and minored in Religious Studies. Went straight through to medical school and am now here. I'm really into getting unhealthily involved in hobbies for 1-2 months and then dropping them, so I'm sure we have something in common.

Your happiness should come first. Network. Be nice to everyone (see previous point). There's a healthy amount of stress invovled with everything in life, including medical school.

Errol Hunte

Errol Hunte

CUNY Brooklyn College

Welcome to Einstein! I’m NYC born and raised. I lived in Brooklyn while attending college. I got a BS in Chemistry and did summer research before moving to Newark, NJ to complete a service year under Americorp. I was working with special needs students at a charter school, and I decided to stay for 1 more year after completing my service year. After that I then matriculated to Einstein and now I’m a part of WC4BL and SNMA! I really enjoy artistic expression, namely photography and painting but I’m trying to learn about videography now! I also really like cooking/baking! Im also really into music (note the ever-present headphones).

Relax, you made it this far. Spend time with friends, explore the city (when everything opens), get involved with clubs on campus, and never forget that just because someone is doing something different from you, doesnt mean you're wrong.

Tina Jing

Tina Jing

Cornell University

Hello and welcome to Einstein!! I was born in China but grew up in Poughkeepsie, NY and went to Cornell where I studied biomedical engineering. During my gap year, I worked as an emergency room scribe while traveling as much as possible. I love trying new restaurants and cafes, petting all of the dogs at Einstein, and late night chats with friends over wine.

You're going to get a lot of different advice from upper classmen, which can get super overwhelmin so focus on what works for you. And don't forget to relax and have some fun in medical school!

Ali Kalam

Michigan State University

Hi all! My name is Ali and I'm from Metro Detroit, Michigan. I went to Michigan State University and majored in History and Biology and spent my time after graduating as a teacher through the Fulbright program. I love watching movies and wasting time on the internet :)

Go about school and life in the way you want to :) try to be yourself and do things your way. You will have a surprising amount of freedom so do what you want!

Prannoy Kaushal

Prannoy Kaushal

Loyola University Chicago

Hi, I'm Prannoy and i'm from Chicago. While in undergrad I majored in Neuroscience, and then came straight through to med school. Some of my hobbies include lifting weights, watching movies/tv, eating good food, video games, cars, shoes and hanging out with friends.

My best advice is to not take everything so seriously when you start. It will seem like a lot but just relax because you will be fine. Everyone is super nice and try to go to as many events as possible because you will make great friends.

Daniel Klyde

University of Pennsylvania

Welcome Einstein Class of 2024! My name is Danny and I grew up right across the GW bridge in Northern New Jersey. I love everything outdoors, including hiking, trail running, camping, and fly fishing. I’m a huge fan of classic rock music and playing the air guitar. I love a taco just as much as the next guy and also enjoy cooking. Buy me a hotdog at a Mets game (maybe next year) and we'll be best friends. I was a bioengineer in undergrad and really like designing and learning about medical devices. I took a gap year and worked for an oculoplastic surgeon, which was a really cool experience.

You've made it this far, trust yourself! You know you better than anyone else.

Rena Levinson

UC San Diego

Welcome to Einstein!! My name is Rena. I grew up in San Diego and went to UCSD where I majored in physiology and neuroscience and minored in dance. I took a gap year between college and med school, working as a tutor and nanny and then living in Switzerland doing clinical research. I love dancing, reading, art, hiking and traveling. Can’t wait to meet you all!

Don’t forget to reserve time for the things you love outside of medicine and set aside time to stay in touch with people from home. In order to best take care of others, you have to also take care of yourself!

Bryce Liu

Bryce Liu


Hi guys! My name is Bryce Liu. I am from Gilbert, Arizona and went to school at UCLA where I majored in biology. I took a gap year after graduating and worked as a medical scribe with an orthopedic hand surgeon. I enjoy eating all kinds of food, working out, playing sports, and watching sports! I also love fishing and am trying to hit some spots around the Bronx (let me know if anyone wants to go!).

The student cafe has a lot of different soup options for a good price. On farmer's wife soup day, get farmer's wife. You will not regret it.

JJ Liu

NYU post-bacc

I grew up in China. NYC was the last stop before Einstein. I love cooking, traveling, watching movies and TV dramas. I am trying to become an encyclopedia of Einstein - don’t be surprised if I told you that I read about the school’s research expenses and grant revenue, and compared the current campus map to the campus plan made in 2008.

There is no need to feel anxious if one does not have the time to study a specific study tool even if the majority of the classmates are using it. There are many different combinations of study methods/materials that can make a student succeed in exams.

Noah Markewitz

Noah Markewitz

SUNY Geneseo

I'm from Long Island NY, so shout out to my fellow Long Islanders, and fellow SUNY people. I majored in biology, and went right through to med school without a gap year. I love playing soccer, and watch an unhealthy amount of reality TV.

Live your best life, if other people are studying and you just want to spend the night watching nonesense on netflix with some ice cream, go for it. The fact that you are here means you are amazing. Wake up every morning, genuinely excited to learn new things and you will love it.

Tova Niderberg

Yeshiva University

Hello and welcome to Einstein! We're so excited to meet you! My name is Tova, and I'm orginally from New York (born in Weiler!) but moved back and forth to Israel a few times (as one does). I peaked in middle school when I could pull off high waisted jeans, but high school and college were cool, too. I majored in biochemistry, and spent two years as an IVF Coordinator in a Manhattan fertility clinic before starting Einstein. I love playing instruments (mostly guitar, but a splash of ukulele, violin, and piano) and singing strictly from the privacy of my room, swimming, cooking, EATING, hiking, traveling, and making fun lil art projects for myself. During COVID-19 I've decided that I am an Instagram influencer and have been behaving as such, even though no one pays me to advertise anything. If I could do anything in the world, I would compete on Survivor. That's all for now, folks! See you soon :)

Try not to be so hard on yourself if you don't find your niche right away, or if it seems like you aren't doing things right/like everyone else. There's a learning curve to medical school, and the great thing about Einstein is it affords you time to figure out what works best for you. It's okay if it takes a few months - it definitely did for me! Also, people are super nice here - don't be afraid to introduce yourself to classmates and faculty!

Ariyaneh Nikbin

Rice University

Welcome to the Einstein family! I was born in Iran and grew up in Atlanta. I went to Houston for college and then lived in NYC for two years, where I worked in the emergency room and traveled. I like making charcuterie boards, brewing kombucha, hoarding plants, sticking things in a waffle maker and seeing how they turn out, adding Cholula to every possible food item, searching for the best ramen in NYC, and going on absurdly long walks.

Havana cafe for brunch is a hidden gem.

Brooke Nosratian

Brooke Nosratian

Washington University in St. Louis

Hi everyone! I was born and raised in Los Angeles, CA, but went to college in St. Louis, where I majored in Philosophy-Neuroscience-Psychology. Contrary to what I'll tell future employers, that is actually one major (kidding! I'm actually a horrific liar). After graduation, I spent my gap year teaching at a high school in Boston with AmeriCorps and being taught Fortnite dances by 15 year olds. I enjoy comedy shows, baking treats and then eating them, finishing up my runs, books, boardgames, and playing with my mini aussie Romeo.

Don't compare yourself to others! Medical school is different for everyone and what works for others may not be right for you. Just because others are doing something doesn't mean you need to be.

Soaptarshi Paul

Soaptarshi Paul

New York University

I grew up in South Brunswick, NJ. I studied computer science in college and went straight through to Einstein. During college, I worked as a medical assistant and conducted bioinformatics research. I love spending time downtown and discovering new restaurants in the city!

Medical school can be overwhelming, remember to dedicate some relaxation time for yourself.

Gabby Peluso

Gabby Peluso

Rutgers University

Welcome to Einstein! My name is Gabby. I’m from New Jersey, and I studied genetics at Rutgers. After college, I took three gap years where I did research at the NIH (and got published :D). In addition to research, I also shadowed in clinics at the NIH and volunteered as a medical scribe at a free clinic in the area. Before starting at Einstein, I traveled to Italy solo! I enjoy cooking, working out, dancing, art, laying on the beach, and hanging with friends.

You will get A LOT of advice from people. Take time to find what works for you, and try not to get caught up in what everyone else is doing.

Hadley Pfalzgraf

Hadley Pfalzgraf

Northwestern University

I am from Wheaton, IL and studied Neuroscience and History at Northwestern. During my gap year I got my Master's in Biochemistry in Ireland through the Mitchell Fellowship. My favorite hobbies include watching murder mysteries with my cat and schooling boys in basketball.

Everything is gonna be fine!!

Le'Shauna Phinazee

Le'Shauna Phinazee

Bowdoin College

I was born in Harlem but mostly raised in the Bronx. I went to college in Maine where I majored in math. I took three gap years where I took some postbac courses and worked as a business association in the emergency department. At Einstein, I am on the SNMA board with Errol and Niloo. My hobbies includes playing basketball, watching Netflix and napping.

Start exploring Anki early. Most students eventually come around to using it.

Vindhya Rao

Vindhya Rao

Cornell University

Hey everyone, welcome to Einstein! I was born in the Bronx and grew up in Ridgefield, Connecticut. I went to college in upstate New York where I majored in Biological Sciences and minored in Business. I took a gap year before coming to Einstein and did clinical research in orthopedics. I like ice hockey, food-touring through NYC, hiking, good music, and Ariyaneh's charcuterie boards!

Be patient with yourself. It might take a minute, but you'll find your groove here. And don't worry if what you're doing looks different from everyone else, just stay ~groovy~

Alma Rechnitzer

Alma Rechnitzer

Franklin & Marshall College

Hi Everyone! Welcome to Einstein! I'm originally from Israel but grew up mostly in Ohio. I went to a small liberal arts school where I majored in French. I then took a gap year to work as a Clinical Research Coordinator. Here at Einstein I'm one of the co-presidents of the NICU Cuddling volunteer program and I'm also one of the Labs Coordinators for the ECHO Clinic. In my free time, I love cooking, reading, and going on long walks while listening to podcasts. Looking forward to meeting you all!

There's no one right way to study or get through medical school. Focus on what works for you and don't compare yourself to others.

Elliot Schiff

Elliot Schiff

Yeshiva University

I am from Long Island, NY and studied Chemistry and Music in college. I did not take time off before starting medical school. I enjoy exploring the local neighborhood, hiking, cooking, and reading

You will soon see that there are an overwhelming number of resources to help you succeed in medical school. Take some time to find what works with you and stick with it, even if other people do something else.

Michal Segall

Cornell University

Welcome to Einstein!! My name is Michal (Pronounced: “ME-***clear your throat****-ALL). I was born and raised in Manhattan, and am excited that I can continue exploring NYC as a Bronx resident! I studied environmental science as an undergraduate, and then took two gap years before coming to Einstein. During my first year I was an Organ Preservationist and helped preserve hearts and lungs for transplant surgeries. During my second, I was a student in a Jewish Studies fellowship program. I LOVE being occupied (I’m actually pretty terrible at sitting still…) and some of my hobbies include photography, dance, playing board games, baking, hitting up museums (of all kinds!), and identifying trees on hikes *my favorites are Staghorn sumac and Sweetgum trees* New people (and old) make me smile, and I am really looking forward to meeting all of you!

Spend time finding the areas of the Einstein experience that make you happy and excite you- whether it's a certain class, an extracurricular/student run activity, social outlet, Bronx based activity (like food, the zoo, a park, Botanical Gardens, dance studio, etc…), shadowing in the hospitals, or something different altogether…the first year is pass/fail for a reason- take the time to find what will motivate you to continue to learn and grow!

Namal Seneviratne

The College of New Jersey

Hi! My name is Namal and I grew up in New Jersey. I studied biology, English, and public health in undergrad before going straight to medical school. In my free time I love playing video games, reading, visiting art museums (and understanding none of it), exploring the Bronx with friends, and chilling outside pretending to study.

Your medical school journey is entirely your own! Don't compare yourself to anyone else - what makes your time here productive is working on your passions.

Michelle Shi

Michelle Shi

UC Davis

I grew up in Pasadena, CA and went to UC Davis in northern california where I got to enjoy Lake Tahoe, Yosemite, and Napa Valley. After college, I spent a year teaching third grade in Sacramento. I love hiking, spin classes, hot pot, boba, and meeting all the dogs at Einstein.

You can get $5 wraps that you can turn into two meal for Wrappy Hour at Healthy Kitchen!

Christina Shin

Christina Shin

University of Pennsylvania

Hey all! I was born in South Korea and lived most of my life in Orange County, California! CA will always have my heart but I love the East Coast. At Penn, I studied neuroscience and came to med school right after. In my free time, I love to watch horror movies (hit me up if you do too!), swim, sing, cross-stitch, run, and play piano!

Try to go out more often! At some point, you just gotta close the books and say, "It is what it is" and destress/have fun. We're so fortunate to study in New York where so many things happen every weekend! Enjoy musicals, nights out with your friends, parks, zoos, beaches, hiking, restaurants! It's so easy as med students to let medical school define you when it shouldn't have to!

Niloo Sima

Stony Brook University

I was born and raised in Iran until high school when I moved to the the city. I've been in NY ever since and I went to Stony Brook to study Biology and Women Studies. At Einstein, I'm a part of Student National Medical Association with Errol (another Orientation Leader). Meeting new people is one of my favorite things in the world so I'm super excited for to see you all! My quarantine has been filled with me baking things I have no business baking and then usually messing them up but I would say I've got the oatmeal raisin cookie recipe down.

Remember to make time for yourself and things that matter to you. Work and school are always going to be there to take up all our time so it's our job to build healthy selfcare habits for ourselves.

Michelle Toker

Michelle Toker

Binghamton University

I’m from Great Neck, Long Island and went to SUNY Binghamton, where I majored in Integrative Neuroscience and minored in Health and Wellness. I graduated undergrad in 2019 and am now a rising MS2 at Einstein. My hobbies include checking out new restaurants (and posting on my foodstagram), hiking, going on road trips, and binge watching Netflix.

Take it day by day, and enjoy the little things.

Alex Tse

Alex Tse

Cornell University

I grew up on the south shore of Long Island in North Woodmere, New York. I majored in neuroscience in undergrad. After college, I spent two years conducting research on multiple sclerosis and am now an MSTP student who is interested in infectious disease research, particularly virology. In my free time, I enjoy hiking, camping, and brewing beer.

Life will keep on going during your time here at Einstein. Let it!

John  Venticinque

John Venticinque

Fordham University

I was born and raised on Long Island in a town called Massapequa. I majored in Integrative Neuroscience at Fordham University and went straight through to Einstein. In my free time I like to read, watch different TV shows, cook, and hang out with friends.

Don't get overwhelmed with Medical School, you have plenty of time on weekends and after class to have fun and relax with your classmates! During the year me and my roommate, Steve, threw a few fun parties (Taco Night, Karaoke Parties, potlucks, etc). You have plenty of time to have fun!

Kim Whitney

University of Massachusetts Amherst

I’m from the Boston area, but love having the Bronx and NYC as my new home! I studied Biochemistry & Molecular Biology and Psych/Neuroscience before spending a gap year teaching at a middle school and working as a part-time EMT in Boston. I enjoy running, reading, sharing a meal with friends (who are all better cooks than me), and spending time outdoors. Looking forward to meeting you all!

Follow your curiosity, lean into discomfort and newness, and enjoy the ride! You are far from alone. Welcome to Einstein!

Angell Xiang

Angell Xiang

Hofstra University

Hi guys! I'm from Nassau County, Long Island and majored in biology and psychology. I then took a gap year working as a medical scribe at an urgent care, saving to travel as much as I can. I love exploring the outdoors, baking and cooking, making things out of yarn, and hanging out with friends.

Trust yourself. Don't worry about what other people are doing. Find study methods that work for you and remember that you already made it through the hard part of getting in. Don't forget to take a break and make time to enjoy all that living in NYC and the Einstein community has to offer. When it opens, the Bronx zoo has free admission to Einstein students any day of the week.

Joseph Yi

Dartmouth College

I grew up near Los Angeles, California before heading to the northeast to study molecular biology. I took 6 gap years where I spent 2 years as a high school biology/chemistry teacher in Newark, NJ before heading back to California where I launched/led an education non-profit company for 4 years. In my spare time, I LOVE watching my weekly korean dramas/variety shows and spending some quality time with friends (food, talks, and games...What better ways are there to spend time with quality people?)

Contrary to popular belief...Cramming is a thing in medical school so do not panic if you fall behind your "study schedule." You WILL miracously make it work so be sure to set aside time for yourself!

Diana Zarowin

Diana Zarowin

NYU-Stern + Univeristy of Pennsylvania Post-Bacc Program

Hi Everyone! My name is Diana and I’m originally from New York (I was actually born right here at Weiler way back when in ’92!). A few things to know about me…I completed my undergrad business degree at NYU-Stern, and then pivoted to Pre-Med, completing Penn’s Postbacc Program. I love fitness and am a huge Bar Method fan (so thrilled that that studio is continuing classes over Zoom during COVID; if anyone wants to try, just let me know and I can get you in for free :)!). I’ve been freelance writing for bloggers and influencers for almost a decade now, as well as assisting them with social media and marketing. I’m passionate about nutrition and preventive health. Leadership development and entrepreneurship have piqued my interest since my undergrad management courses at Stern – I’m a big fan of books on the topic, too. And, I’m a forever lover of New York sports- Let’s Go Rangers & Mets! If you ever need anything throughout the year or have any questions at any time, please feel free to always reach out. Congratulations on getting to this point- I’m so excited for what’s to come for each of you!

- Be gentle with yourself! First year is a learning curve, and each class may feel like a totally new experience. That’s all okay! It’s super cool that we’re pass/fail – we’re really given the opportunity to keep figuring out what works for us academically throughout the year. Take advantage of this aspect of Einstein! Collaborate with your classmates and friends, work together, share notes and information, and remember that everyone has strengths and weaknesses- we can all boost each other up in the areas we’re not the best in. - Find time to move your body each day! Whether spending some time at the gym on campus, taking a walk around the neighborhood, doing a 20 minute yoga video in your room- make time for movement. It’s a great break from studying and the daily grind, and also helps you refocus when you want to get back to it! - Belfer classrooms are awesome study spots! - Don’t neglect the activities/hobbies that you love. Make time for the podcasts, reading, drawing, knitting, music, Netflix- you name it! You deserve these outlets and the time for growth they provide you in non-academic ways. - Get involved! Extra-curricular activities are a fantastic way to explore your interests, meet amazing upper-class students, and take initiative to both give back and lead. There are countless clubs, organizations, and groups on campus to get involved with. Plus, it’s fun! - Remember how far you have come to get to this point! It’s already pretty incredible that you’re starting medical school – celebrate all the wins. You deserve to, and, truly, I commend and congratulate you for starting this next part of your medical journey! You got this!!

Faye Zhang

Faye Zhang

Northwestern University

I was born in China and grew up in Glastonbury, CT. I went to college in Chicago where I majored in Materials Science and Engineering. I worked on Research and Development of construction materials for two years before starting medical school. I love all things food-related, cats, hiking, and board games.

Try not to get caught up in what/when/how everyone else is studying - figure out what works for you and you'll do great!

Jessica Zhang

University of Virginia

Hey everyone! My name is Jess and I'm from northern NJ. I studied public policy and global health in undergrad and came straight through to Einstein. I love yoga, art, going for walks on Pelham Parkway, and shopping at Marshalls. I also just watched Free Solo and now really want to climb things. I can't wait to meet you all!

First year will fly by, so try and stay present and enjoy yourself. It's all about balance!

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