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 Einstein Student Health Plan

The Albert Einstein College of Medicine  requires that all students have basic health insurance.   In order to fulfill this requirement, the University provides all students with single coverage in the Einstein Student Health Plan which is administered by Empire Blue Cross Blue Shield and is an Exclusive Provider Organization (EPO) plan.  If applicable, the cost of this coverage is listed as a separate item on your tuition bill.  At the beginning of each academic year (July 1), you have the option to request a waiver of the University-provided health insurance if you have health insurance through another source (e.g., your parents, or employed spouse) and that coverage is comparable and meets all the conditions outlined on the waiver form.  If your health insurance is comparable, your University-provided health insurance can be waived for that academic year.    

If you are enrolled in the Einstein Graduate Programs in the Biomedical Sciences, you are provided with single health insurance at no cost in the Einstein Student Plan as part of your enrollment in the program.


FAQ Accessing Health Care on my health care plan

  • How do I access and physical health care services on my health care plan? 

Students who are covered by Empire BlueCross/BlueShield Health Insurance can find a medical provider can call Empire Member Services at 800-342-9816  or log onto

  • How do I access mental health care services? 

Behavioral health issues can affect your life just as significantly as a physical illness or an injury.  Your emotional wellness is important.  If you are enrolled in the Einstein Student Health Plan you have easy access to behavioral health providers who participate in Empire’s Behavioral Health Network.   You also have access to providers who participate in the Montefiore Behavioral Health Network.  You can choose from a wide variety of providers and facilities that participate in either network giving you the access you need when you need it.


If you are enrolled in the Einstein Student Health Plan, you can locate a provider who participates in Empire’s Behavioral Health Network by going to, clicking on Find a Doctor, then clicking on In Empire’s local area behavioral health network.  You can also call Empire’s Member Services at 800-342-9816. 

 If you are a medical student, MD/PhD or graduate student you also have access to an expanded network of behavioral health providers.  You can access providers in the Montefiore Behavioral Health panel in addition to providers in the Empire Blue Cross Blue Shield Behavioral Health Network.

You are encouraged to contact OASC for referral information and for a list of the providers who participate in the Montefiore network. 

If you are not enrolled in the Einstein Student Health Plan and need to access behavioral health services, you should consult with your insurance carrier to determine providers that participate with your insurance.  The OASC is available to assist you should the need arise.

  • What if I would like I like to use services that are not available on the Montefiore Panel of Behavioral Health Providers? 

Please feel free to come to OASC for referral information.  You also have the option to chose from three counseling clinics in the neighborhood.  These clinics counseling offer services for Einstein students and the community at large.  For more resources, click on "Helplines and Hotlines" for a list of mental health resources, i.e, helplines, support groups, and information.


Urgent Care Services

Montefiore Medical Group has an urgent care facility that accepts the Einstein student health insurance.

Montefiore UrgentCare provides high quality care for non-life threatening illness orinjuries. Co-located at the Bronx East Montefiore Medical Group practice at 2300 Westchester Avenue in the Bronx, Montefiore UrgentCare is open 7 days a week, including most holidays to provide prompt,medical attention.

Montefiore Urgent Care provides medical care when your primary doctor is unavailable. We offer walk-in medical treatment with a wide range of on-site services like x-rays, EKG and laboratory tests.

Office Hours: Monday - Friday from 2:00 pm to 9:00 pm, Saturday and Sunday and most holidays from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.

Phone: 718.409.8888 

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