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Mentor Details
1. Name: Michael Kirschenbaum (MS)
2. Academic Program (e.g. MD, PhD, MD/PhD): MD 2016
3. Email:
4. Gender: Male
5. Year of birth: 1989
6. List universities or colleges before Einstein: NYC, Yeshiva
7. Where you lived before Einstein: Manhattan/Long Island
8. Prior careers:
9. If English isn't your first language, what is? English, Hebrew
10. Hobbies (remember those?) Golf, Music, The Mets, Literature, Travel
11. Academic Interest(s): Health Care Administration/Psychiatry
12. Einstein Club Interests:
13. Other info that might help describe you? I am a second year medical student highly concerned with making sure Einsten students understand how to have an extremely enjoyable time in medical school with minimal stress.
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