Einstein Enrichment Program (EEP)

About STEP

Mission and History

The mission of STEP/EEP is to enable minority and/or economically disadvantaged secondary school students, who are academically high functioning and strongly motivated, to enroll in college and pursue careers in the licensed professions of science, medicine and health. These goals are realized by the provision of educational, cultural, and social activities that enrich the traditional education of these high school students whose groups have been historically underrepresented in these fields. In accomplishing these goals, benefits are felt by the students, their communities and the larger society of which they will serve and become productive members.

Einstein has a history of social consciousness, with a dedication to being inclusive, and a commitment to serving the wider community. At the inception of EEP/STEP in 1988, the College began its commitment to fund and support the program, and has continued to do so in many ways.

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