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Meet Our Residents: PGY4

Nivia Acosta, M.D. 

MD: Albert Einstein College of Medicine

BS: Johns Hopkins University

I chose Einstein mainly for the people - the facutly, fellow residents, and patients. I wanted to work with patients and within a department that challenged me to be at my best and fostered me to ask questions and learn. Additionally the patients in the Bronx are a great population to work with.


Faina Gelman, M.D. 

MD: Stony Brook University

BA: Stony Brook University

I did a subinternship in GynOnc and I was impressed by the variety of friendly and caring residents and attendings, the diverse population in need of intricate management, and the educational environment. It felt like the right fit for me; when I returned for my interview I saw the friendly faces all over again and it once more assured me that this is the program I want to be a part of.


Natasha Irving, M.P.H., M.D. 

MD: Tufts University School of Medicine

MPH (Master of Public Health): Tufts University School of Medicine Public Health and Professional Degree Programs

BA: Johns Hopkins University

I chose Einstein because I wanted to be a part of a residency program that would allow me to provide comprehensive care to a diverse patient population. I believe the environment at Einstein will help me to become a confident and well-rounded OB-Gyn through training that acknowledges the complex nature of caring for women throughout all stages of their lives.


Hannah Janoowalla, M.D. 

MD: Rutgers-Robert Wood Johnson Medical School  

BS: Brandeis University

I chose Einstein because of the incredibly diverse patient population, myriad global health opportunities and amazing fellow residents. When I visited, I felt a warm sense of camraderie and mutual respect between the residents, and that we shared common values and interests and I would really fit in well here.


Jessica Jou, M.S., M.D. 

MD: Tufts University School of Medicine

MS: University of California San Diego

BS: National Tsing Hua University / UC Berkeley

I chose Einstein because I wanted to be part of a hard-working group of physicians who received rigorous clinical training. It is a privilege to learn from and take care of patients in the Bronx. The residents and faculty were also extremely welcoming and kind. And when you are not in the hospital, you get to enjoy all that New York has to offer!


Wendy Leung, M.D. 

MD: SUNY Stony Brook University

BA: Vassar College

When applying for residency, I was looking for a program that would adequately prepare me to become a proficient OB/GYN. After doing my sub-internship, I was certain that Albert Einstein would be the best place to accomplish that. The residents encounter and manage a diverse group of patients and diseases under the supervision of attendings who are eager to teach. As I watch my senior residents take on more independent roles, I look forward to the development of my own skills as an OB/GYN.


Stephen Li, M.D. 

MD: Baylor College of Medicine 

BA: Baylor University

When I interviewed at Einstein, I immediately knew that it would be a wonderful place to train. From the administrative staff to the faculty to the residents, each and every individual were fantastic. In addiiton, the program has a very strong Gyn Onc presence, which is something I am very interested in. Ultimately, Einstein not only provides great medical care and services to an underserved population, but it also provides excellent education for its residents.


Marilena Petti, M.S., M.D. 

MD: Albert Einstein College of Medicine

MS: Drexel University

BS: Fordham University

Einstein was my first choice for a number of reasons, including exposure to a diverse patient population with varying pathology, access to the newest technologies and academic minds, camaraderie between the residents, and attending accessibility. The major deciding factor for me, however, was that Einstein felt like home and I was comforted in the fact that I would be part of an institution that not only challenges its physicians daily, but also supports them like a family member.


Joseph Pincus, M.D. 

MD: Northwestern Feinberg School of Medicine

BS: Brandeis University

I chose Einstein because I wanted to be in a program that focused on resident education and provided phenomenal clinical training.  I found that Einstein was a place where residents were given tremendous autonomy so that the clinical realm became a critical part of the resident learning.  The program also provided the opportunity to train in a place that cared for an underserved population.


Sadia Sahabi, M.D. 

MD: Northwestern Feinberg School of Medicine 

BA: SUNY Geneseo

For residency training, I was really looking for place with a vibrant academic environment, cultural diversity, and serving an underserved patient population with passion. For these reasons, there was no better place for me to train than here at Einstein!


Sahar Zaghi, M.D. 

MD: Albert Einstein College of Medicine

BA: Stern College for Women, Yeshiva University

As a medical student at Einstein I had the opportunity of observing the residency program closely during my rotations and the ability to compare it to other programs as I interviewed. I knew that coming to Einstein would ensure that I graduate with confidence to practice having received the most exposure and experience possible in residency.

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