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Meet Our Residents: PGY3

Alice Chen, M.D. 

MD: Keck School of Medicine, University of Southern California

BA: University of California, San Diego

I chose Einstein because of the reputation for excellent training that provides the skills and knowledge to succeed in any situation.  The program also offered the opportunity to work with the high-risk, underserved population of the Bronx as well as the chance to work with and learn from a diverse faculty with experience in not only general ob/gyn but many related subspecialties. Additionally and arguably, one of the best aspects of this program is the support and camaraderie among the large and close-knit residency class.  


Kimberley Chiu, M.D. 

MD: Albert Einstein College of Medicine

BS: Johns Hopkins University

I chose Einstein because I wanted a program that would continue to challenge me while providing the best training whether I decide to become an academic generalist or pursue fellowship.  Having spent four years at Einstein for medical school, I knew that the Bronx and the diversity of this patient population would prepare me for anything in my future career.


Shayan Dioun, M.D. 

MD: Baylor College of Medicine

BS:  University of Texas at Austin

I was looking for a program that would challenge me to become the best ob/gyn I could possibly be.  A program that would expose me to the entire breadth of the field and prepare me for whatever path I decided to follow after residency.  A program that cared for a racially, ethnically, linguistically and economically diverse patient population.  At the same time, I wanted to live in a city that had an endless array of theatrical, culinary, and cultural activities to allow me to enjoy my time outside of the hospital.  I found that.


Alexandra Welch Douglas, M.D. 

MD: ICAHN School of Medicine at Mt. Sinai

BA: Macalester College

I went into medicine because I believe in social justice.  I wanted a program that shared my values and would allow me to work in an urban, diverse community while still being on the East Coast near my family.  I also wanted to be at a program with strong abortion training and advocacy.  Montefiore is all of that.  Centered in the Bronx, we serve a diverse, medically underserved community.  Our patients teach us what it means to practice social medicine every day and our education benefits from our patients allowing us into the complexity of their lives and disease processes.  Plus, our family planning department is amazing!


Ann Catherine Frisse, M.D. 

MD: Washington University in St. Louis School of Medicine

BA:  Barnard College

At Montefiore we see a high-risk population of women with complex medical and social needs.  Residency training here is very hands-on.  We are encouraged to take ownership of our patient's care and apply to most up-to-date evidence based practices.  I choose this kind of training environment because I knew that through this program, I could become either a skilled, confident generalist or build the clinical and research skills needed to pursue fellowship in any given specialty.


Mary Hardy, M.D. 

MD: University of Florida College of Medicine

BS:  University of Central Florida

I was looking for a program that would leave me well prepared no matter which path I ultimately decided to go down.  As a person who learns through doing, I was drawn to the high acuity, diverse population, and rigorous training environment of Einstein.  More importantly, however, I instantly felt at interview day that these were the people I would want surrounding me throughout this stage of my life.  I am happy to say that the residents, faculty, and students at Einstein have surpassed all of my expectations and I could not imaging being any happier anywhere else!


Rachel Julie Meislin, M.D. 

MD: NY University School of of Medicine

BA: University of Pennsylvania

Our residency program provides the ideal balance of both clinical care and public health. We face a multitude of health disparities and have the privilege to impact our surrounding community daily.  Additionally, the clinical training is second to none.  As residents, we diagnose and manage the most diverse pathology from around the world.  Our education is valued while we learn from incredible generalists and from every subspecialty in obstetrics and gynecology.


Marit Pearlman Shapiro, M.D. 

MD: ICAHN School of Medicine at Mt. Sinai

BS: Columbia University

I knew I wanted to train at a Ryan Residency Program, and Monte's family planning department is phenomenal.  I'm so excited to be traveling to Haiti next month as part of the global health track to train residents and  midwives in MVAs.  I wanted to see complicated, underserved patients with rare disorders during residency, and this has definitely been the case!


Michael Alan Richley, M.D. 

MD: University of California at Irvine, School of Medicine

BS:  University of California, Davis

I chose Monte so I would be able to work closely with an underserved community.


David Samuel, M.D. 

MD: George Washington University School of Medicine

BA: St. Bonaventure University

Experience builds confidence.  At Einstein, we care for one of the highest risk populations in the nation and see incredible pathology that residents at other programs might only ever read about.  I chose Einstein because I knew I wanted the kind of rigorous, hands-on clinical training that would equally prepare me for subspecialty training or the full scope of practice as an academic obstetrician-gynecologist.  I'm proud to have matched at my number one program.


Min H. Wu, M.D. 

MD: Harvard Medical School

BA: Brown University

I came to Einstein because of my passion for public policy and public health.  I was interested in the barriers facing underserved patient populations, and wanted to train at a place where these issues weren't just academic but seen every day in practice.  The Bronx is one of the poorest districts in the United States with some of the poorest health outcomes; I love our patient population and the opportunity to learn about, examine, and even question the policies that affect our patients and their care.

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