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Meet Our Residents: PGY1

Ayoka Adams, M.D.

MD: Northwestern University

MSPH: Johns Hopkins School of Public Health 

BS: Emory University

In looking for a residency program I wanted somewhere where I would have a good mix of high volume, strong academics and a supportive environment. Monte has all three. I know I will leave this residency program able to manage any patient or scenario I encounter in my professional life. Additionally, the opportunity to work with a diverse and underserved population was important to me. At Monte we have the opportunity to provide care to a wide range of people from all walks of life, which I love! I learn something new from my patients everyday. 


Avish Arora, M.D.

MD: Albert Einstein College of Medicine

PhD: Albert Einstein College of Medicine 

BS: University of Southern California, Los Angeles  

At Montefiore, I get to work with a patient population that is widely underserved.  I really feel like I can make a difference in their lives.  It's a commitment that is shared by the faculty and other residents, which makes it a joy to work everyday.


Katherine Auwarter, M.D.

MD: Albany Medical College

BS: The City College of New York - Sophie Davis School of Biomedical Education

I chose to apply to Montefiore for the depth of patient diversity. The Bronx serves a tremendous population and I knew that by coming here, I'd see everything the field of Obstetrics and Gynecology has to offer. The comraderie among my co-residents has me feeling constantly supported. I couldn't have asked to share this experience with a better group of colleagues. It is a priviledge to work at this institution.  


Rupal Bhana, M.D.

MD: University of Miami Leonard M. Miller School of Medicine

MBA: University of Miami, Coral Gables 

BA: University of Florida, Gainesville

A high-acuity, academic program delivered in a camaraderie-driven environment with New York City as its back drop made Monte an easy choice for me. The highly-skilled senior residents and faculty provide consistently thoughtful and deliberate training, the kind that makes me confident I will leave this institution as a competent and compassionate surgeon and clinician. 


Georgios Christou, M.D.

MD: University of Athens School of Health Sciences

Choosing Albert Einstein was not a difficult task for me. At all. After interviewing here and having met all the wonderful people I was going to work with, including the faculty, house staff and administrators, the choice was pretty much clear.

A superb, comprehensive curriculum for residency training, a truly diverse and mostly high risk patient population, the expertise and the testimonies of former and present residents convinced me that the program here offers everything needed for a resident-in-training. All of the above have been confirmed since day one.


Lizelle Comfort, M.D.

MD: Albert Einstein College of Medicine

BS: University of Miami

At Montefiore, the diversity of patients, attendings, and staff cannot be best. Montefiore achieves high quality and evidence based care for the underserved population of the Bronx.


Michelle Kappy, M.D.

MD: University of Michigan Medical School

BA: University of Michigan

I was particularly drawn to Montefiore because I was excited to train at a strong and vibrant academic medical center with a multitude of clinical and research opportunities. I wanted to work with a wide variety of medically challenging individuals while providing care to a culturally diverse, high-risk and underserved population. I was confident that Montefiore would provide exceptional and comprehensive ob/gyn training and an emphasis on evidence-based medicine while allowing me to seamlessly rotate between the different hospital sites. The support and camaraderie among the residents, as well as the dedicated and superb physicians and mentors at Montefiore are unparalleled. It is an honor and privilege to train at Montefiore.



Angela Nolin, M.D.

MD: Boston University School of Medicine

BS: Northeastern University

I chose Montefiore because I wanted to continue to work with underserved populations while being at a strong academic institution. The leadership and my colleagues at Montefiore push us to be thoughtful physicians practicing evidence-based medicine as well as advocates for the community of women that we serve. I know I will have excellent training that will allow me to pursue any fellowship or become a successful generalist Ob/Gyn.


Corinne Solheid, M.D.

MD: University of Miami Leonard M. Miller School of Medicine

BS: University of Minnesota

I chose Einstein for residency because I knew I could receive outstanding clinical teaching while also working with the Bronx's underserved patient population to address the social determinants of health. I am proud to be part of a team united by a common goal: serving the community.


Genevieve Umeh, M.D.

MD: Northwestern University The Feinberg School of Medicine

BS: McMaster University

I chose Einstein for the quality and breadth of experience the institution provides. I value the opportunity to work closely with a unique patient population, particularly in advocacy.  I look forward to completing global health rotations and research as a resident.  I am confident that my trainig here will set me apart as a compassionate clinician and exceptional surgeon.


Marisa Vega, M.D.

MD: Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai

BA: Columbia College

I choose Montefiore because of the amazing patient population found in the Bronx. Providing excellent patient care to these vastly diverse women is exactly the residency experience I was looking for. Most of the faculty chose Montefiore for this same reason. This offers the opportunity to learn from mentors who have a unique approach to medicine and practice OBGYN in the same way I hope to do so in the future. The hands-on diverse experience is like nowhere else.


Alexandra Woodcock, M.D.

MD: University of Utah School of Medicine

BA: Harvard University

I chose to come to Montefiore because of immediately evident dedication to the Bronx community that I saw from staff of all arenas. I also loved the diversity of the program, from the patients to my colleagues. I appreciate working at an institution that attempts every day to combat the social determinants of health and creates a safe environment for learning. 


Siyu Xiao, M.D.

MD: Yale School of Medicine

BS: University of Pittsburgh

I chose Monte because of the immense diversity within this healthcare system and, more broadly, the Bronx: from the patients to my colleagues, mentors, and co-workers. I wanted to be trained across different practice environments and styles while still being centered in an urban academic environment that embraced the generalist practitioner. I wanted to live in the place where my patients come from to better understand the social determinants of their health and illness - including the impact of local politics on access to women's healthcare. I wanted a program with a strong culture of teaching and learning. I found these things at Monte. I could not ask for a more impressive class of co-residents who are always supportive, funny, easy-going, and devoted to improving women and children's health.

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