The Department of Obstetrics & Gynecology and Women's Health

Fellowship Program in Maternal Fetal Medicine

Program Leadership

Program Director

Peter S. Bernstein, MD, MPH
Tel: 718.904.2767  


GME Administrator

Karen Nickens-Middlebrooks
Tel: 718.430.3152  

  • Established in 1980’s
  • Length of training:  3 years
  • Number of fellows:  8
  • The opportunity to obtain specialized training in one of the following tracks:
    • ICU/critical care
    • Women’s global health
    • Laboratory or translational research
    • Clinical research
    • Ultrasound/prenatal diagnosis
    • Public health/community health
    • Patient safety and quality improvement


Fully accredited by ACGME
Last site visit: 2015
Next site visit:  2019


Successful completion of a residency program in OB/GYN

Current Fellows

Shahrukh Chaudhary, MD

Deepika Sagaram, MD

Fatima Estrada Trejo, MD

Georgios Doulaveris, MD
Kfier Kuba, MD
Rasha Khoury, MD
Catherine Igel, MD
Jill Berkin, MD


Application Process

Accepted through ERAS 
Deadline: May 
Interview Months: July and August


Selection Process


Contact Us

Karen Nickens-Middlebrooks

Sample Block Schedule


July  Aug  Sept  Oct  Nov  Dec  Jan  Feb  Mar  April  May  June 
Year One  Weiler Weiler Weiler Ambulatory High Risk L&D U/S-Genetics Research

Year Two 


Weiler ICU Ambulatory
High Risk
L&D U/S-Genetics Research
Year Three  Research Elective U/S-Genetics
Educational Sessions


Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday



7:00am Department Resident Statistics Conference






8:00am Department Grand Rounds






9:30am Division Meeting






10:30am Fellow Lecture Series






12:00pm Fetal Diagnosis Rounds alternating with Maternal Medicine Rounds




Research and Scholarly Activity

  • Development of improved methods of prevention and treatment of disorders that impact the health of pregnant women and infants.
  • Research activities range from the basic sciences to the bedside.
  • Focused on:
    • Placental Pathology
    • Randomized clinical trials
    • Laboratory based research focused on recurrent pregnancy loss
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