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Division of Midwifery

ImageAshlesha Dayal, MD

The Midwifery Practice of the Albert Einstein College of Medicine has had a long history. For more than 30 years, the service has offered women in both the private and the public sectors the opportunity to receive midwifery care. Supporting the normal, screening for the risk factors, emphasizing education and emotional support, the midwives have functioned as integral members of the Department's primary care health teams. With medical back-up from the full-time faculty physicians, they have provided direct patient care to women of all ages in a variety of clinical settings – private practice offices, clinics, community health centers, and the intrapartum and postpartum units of the affiliated hospital. In addition to their clinical responsibilities, the midwives participate in academic efforts, including didactic and clinical teaching, clinical research projects, presenting at professional meetings, writing for professional journals, and serving on professional boards and committees.

Midwifery Division Members

Nancy DeVore, CNM, MS, Director
Susan Bellinson, CNM, MSN
Sheila Loeb, CNM, MS
Barbara Sommers, CNM, MS
Gabrielle Wright, CNM


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