Dominick P. Purpura Department of Neuroscience


All seminars are in Kennedy 901 at 12:30 unless otherwise noted.  

12/16/15   Dr. Baljit Khakh
University of California, LA
**CANCELLED** "Astrocyte roles in neuronal circuits"    
1/6/16    Dr. Stuart Trenholm
Friedrich Miescher Institute for Biomedical Research
"From single neurons to networks in the retina and cortex"    
1/7/16 @ 1pm in Price Michoel Snow
**THESIS SEMINAR** "Adaptation in V1 as inferences about natural movie statistics"    
1/13/16  Dr. Susan Ackerman
The Jackson Laboratory
"Protein translation and neurological disorders"    
1/20/16  Dr. Donita Robinson
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
"Alcohol 'habits' - how dorsal striatum neurodynamics encode alcohol cues"    
1/27/16    Dr. Daniel Colon-Ramos
Yale University
"Powering the brain: The glycolytic metabolon meets local energy demands at presynaptic sites"    
2/3/16  Dr. David Sulzer
Columbia University
"Autophagy in CNS synapses"    
2/10/16    Dr. Matthias Falk
Lehigh University
"Signals and mechanisms regulating gap junction internalization and degradation"    
2/17/16  Dr. Matthew Smith
University of Pittsburgh
"From vision to eye movements in the frontal eye fields"    
2/24/16    Dr. Ivan de Araujo
Yale University
"Circuit Logic of Sugar Reward"    
3/9/16  Dr. Andrew Harris
Rutgers New Jersey Medical School
"Computational exploration of molecular permeation of a connexin channel"    
3/10/16 @ 10:30am Fanny Cazettes
**THESIS SEMINAR** "A neural code for sensory reliability in the sound localization system of the barn owl"    
3/16/16  Dr. Christopher Miller
Brandeis University
"Weird ion, weird ion channel, misleading crystal structure, and a surprise"    
3/23/16  Dr. Jonathan Demb
Yale University
"Synaptic mechanisms for visual computation in retinal circuitry"    
3/30/16    Dr. Diego Contreras
University of Pennsylvania
"Dynamic properties of thalamocortical synapses in the visual system in vivo"    
4/6/16  Dr. Leonard Kaczmarek
Yale University
"Ion channels determine cell structure and make life/death decisions"    
4/13/16    Dr. Rami Burstein
Harvard Medical School
"The neurobiology of photophobia: How does light exacerbate migraine headache"    
4/20/16  Dr. Keith Duncan
University of Michigan
"Cholesterol and the cochlea from ion channel biophysics to ototoxicity"  
Tuesday 4/26/16 @ 2:00pm   Dr. D. Paola Calderon
Rockefeller University
"Neuronal circuits involved in wakefulness"    
4/27/16    Dr. Winrich Freiwald
Rockefeller University
"On the neural circuits for face recognition: a vision science perspective on the social brain"    
5/4/16 @ 4pm  Price Center Dr. Pasko Rakic
Yale University
**DISTINGUISHED NEUROSCIENTIST LECTURE** "Neuronal migration and brain map formation"
Thursday 5/12/16  @ 4pm  Price Center Dr. Eve Marder
Brandeis University
"Variability, modulation, and robustness in neuronal circuits"  
5/18/16  Dr. Emre Aksay
Cornell University
"Cellular and circuit mechanisms of persistent firing in a neural integrator"    
5/25/16   in Price Center Dr. Karel Svoboda
HHMI - Janelia Farms
"Illuminating the neural circuits underlying a tactile decision" Student
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6/8/16    Dr. Alfonso Araque
University of Minnesota
"Circuit-specific synaptic regulation by astrocytes" Student
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6/15/16  Randy Stout
"Gap junctions of glia: Wiring principles of the non-neuronal elements of the brain connectome"
6/29/16  Dr. Christian Naus
University of British Columbia
"Connexin43 modulation enhances neuroprotection in stroke" Student
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