Division of Dermatology

Dermatology Electives

Call (718) 920-2680 regarding time and place to report first day.

K503A Dermatology Elective
Instructor: Steven Cohen, M.D.
A four-week elective during which time fourth-year students will spend time at the Jacobi and MMC participating in adult and pediatric dermatology clinics, dermatology rounds, clinical conferences, didactic sessions, and private practice. Includes specific student-oriented conferences such as post-clinics and clinical diagnostic conferences.

K503B Dermatology Elective
A fourth-year medical student elective requiring a full commitment (every weekday) for a one-month period. Includes 3-4 half days in the faculty practice of Dr. Steven Cohen, Dr. Ranon Mann or Dr. Cassandra Venable; clinic experience; and teaching conferences.

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See the Medicine Senior Elective Opportunities website.

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