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Current Projects

Study Name  
Project Type  
Intervention Studies 
The Glycemia Reduction Approaches in Diabetes: A Comparative Effectiveness Study (GRADE Study)    

Acupuncture to Decrease Disparities in Outcomes of Pain Treatment (ADDOPT)  

Diane McKee, MD MS 

Repeated Measures Clinical Trial 

Blacks and Exacerbations on LABA vs. Tiotropium (BELT)  

Don Raum, MD 

Randomized Clinical Trial 

TLC-Plus: A study to evaluate the feasibility of an enhanced test, link to care, plus treat approach for HIV Prevention in the United States  

Barry Zingman, MD 

Randomized Clinical Trial 

Diabetes Mapping Intervention  

Jennifer Leone 

Randomized Prospective Cohort 

South Asian Practice Partnership for Health Improvement and Research (SAPHIRE); various pilot interventions 

Alison Karasz, PhD 

South Asian Patients and Navigators’ Action (SAPNA) Child Oral Health Project   Alison Karasz, PhD and Diane McKee, MD MS  
The Resveratrol Study  Jill Crandall, MD   
Other Studies 

Evaluation of the PCMH Initiative 

Effect of Implementing Patient Centered Medical Home Care Model on Associate Experience  

Effect of Implementing Patient Centered Medical Home on the Patient's Experience  


Diane McKee, MD MS 

Prospective, six group quasi-experimental utilizing mixed methods 

Using a Computer Adaptive Test to Identify Depressive Disorders in Primary Care  

Arthur E. Blank, PhD 

Randomized Clinical Trial 

Bronx Ongoing Pediatric Screening (BOPS) in the Medical Home   

Andrew Racine, MD PhD 

QI Initiative 

Using a Social-Ecological Framework to Support Community Health Research  

Elizabeth Walker, PhD RN
Paloma Hernandez, MPH  

Social-Ecological Collaboration Implementation 

Improving Long acting reversible contraception access for adolescents  

Susan Rubin, MD MPH 

Qualitative Surveys 

Enhancing Primary Care Physicians' Capacity to Improve Cancer Patients' Access to Therapeutic Clinical Trials  

Elisa Weiss, PhD 

Qualitative and Quantitative Surveys 

Patient Perceptions of Racism in Healthcare 

Matt Anderson, MD 

Quantitative Surveys 

Identifying the present status of teaching "family" in family medicine residency: Impact of practice changes and successful strategies used  

Eliana Korin, Dipl Psic 

Qualitative and Quantitative Surveys 

Examining Distress and Treatment Adherence in Type 2 Diabetes  

Jeffrey S. Gonzalez, PhD 

Prospective Cohort 

Interphysician Communication Surrounding Newborn Hospital Discharge 

Heather C. O'Donnell, MD 

Qualitative Surveys 

Pediatrician Current Practices – Transitioning to Adulthood  

Lynn Davidson, MD 

Quantitative Surveys 

Doctor-Patient Relationship about Colorectal Cancer Screening  

Carma Bylund, PhD 

Explorative Qualitative assessment of current practices 


In Development

Study Name  
Project Type  
Intervention for Long-term Opiate Use    
CAM Residency Education    
Barriers to Free Mammogram Screening 

Andrea Littleton, MD

Prevention of Pediatric Obesity through Family Behavior Change    
Peer COACH    
Home-based Active Parenting Intervention for Obesity Prevention    


Study Name   
Project Type   
Enhancing Confidential Care and STI Screening for Adolescents in Urban Primary Care (CCAP) 

Diane McKee, MD MS

Food Insecurity in the Bronx: A Card Study    
The Westchester Square Project- using CBPR to address depression among Bangledeshi immigrants    
Hepatitis C Screening and Prevalence in a Primary Care Population    
Feeding Young Children Study (FYCS): Bottle Weaning Intervention    
Boosting Bread Feeding in Low-Income, Multi-Ethnic Women: A Primary Care Based RCT    
Enhancing Confidential Care and STI Screening for Adolescents in Urban Primary Care    
A Collaborative Approach to Control Hypertension in Diabetes: Outcomes of a Pilot Intervention (COACH-D) 

Diane McKee, MD MS
Elizabeth A. Walker, PHD

Bronx Breathes: Fax to Quit and other Interventions    
ACTS- A Rapid System for HIV Counseling and Testing    
Illness Representation Models of Depression in Multi-Ethnic Primary Care Populations    
Buprenorphine Use in HIV Primary Care    
The CICERO Program Evaluation    
Promoting Teen Health in Urban Primary Care (Pro-Teen) 

Diane McKee, MD MS

Enhancing Diabetes Outcomes in Urban Primary Care – Evaluation of Ongoing Diabetes Initiatives    
Voy a Viajar; The Effects of Circular Migration on Diabetes Control Among Latinos of Caribbean Origin    
ZumbaBronx: An Intervention to Increase Physical Activity Among Health Center Users in the Bronx    
Intensive Case Management: A Multidisciplinary Team and Resident Education Approach to "Not at Target" Diabetes    
The FLAIR Study: An early intervention for childhood obesity focusing on healthy behavior change for families    
Diabetes Screening Project Via Random Capillary Glucose in Primary Care    
Pharmaceutical Samples in Urban Primary Care    
Psychosocial Factors Impeding Glycemic Control in Latinas with Diabetes    
Influence of Direct to Consumer Prescription Medication Advertisements on Physicians' Decisions    
Reliability of the Whiff Test in Clinical Practice    
Rates of Colorectal Cancer Screening Awareness in Urban Primary Care    
Management of Vaginal Complaints (VCAT): A Pilot Study in a PBRN    
Unmet Mental Health Needs in Urban Primary Care: A Needs Assessment    
Impact of Mass Incarceration on Outpatients in the Bronx    
The Vaginal Health Study: A qualitative study to develop an intervention to decrease vaginal douching among Hispanic women and adolescents    
Patient-Physician Perception Regarding Breastfeeding Counseling at Two Community Health Centers in the Bronx: A Pilot Study    
"Up In Me": Urban Female Family Medicine Patients' Perceptions around Intrauterine Contraception    
Promoting Maternal Pap Testing During a Child Visit    
Effect of Resident Education and Clinic Reminders on Resident Management of Obesity    
Assessing Insurance Discontinuity    
N.A Medicaid Care Survey Screening Awareness: A Card Study    
Colon Cancer    
Pediatric Sleep Assessment Study    
Improving Pap Smear Follow-Up Compliance in Montefiore Medical Group Ambulatory Practices    
Sleep in Children with Disabilities    
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