The New York City Research and Improvement Networking Group (NYC RING)

Barriers to Free Mammogram Screening

This project is a descriptive, qualitative study which will use focus groups to identify what barriers prevent women from utilizing free mammogram screening that is available in the Bronx. The main purpose of the study will be to help women utilize these services more with the aim of detecting breast cancers at an earlier stage when there are more treatment options.

Principal Investigator
Andrea Littleton, MD

Study Overview
This will be a descriptive, qualitative study involving focus groups conducted among women who reside in an intake shelter in the Bronx to assess barriers to mammogram screening and treatment services among low-income women. Three to four focus groups with 6-10 participants per group will be conducted on site over a four week time period. Each focus group will last approximately 45-60 minutes. Oral consents from the participants will be obtained at the beginning of the focus groups. Participants will then complete a brief demographic questionnaire and answer a few questions on preconceived notions regarding mammograms. Focus groups will be conducted by the primary researcher, Dr. Littleton, who will facilitate the discussion and a second researcher who will audio record the session, take notes, and keep time. The focus group questions will be guided by the attached focus group guide.

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