The New York City Research and Improvement Networking Group (NYC RING)

Acupuncture to Decrease Disparities in Outcomes of Pain Treatment (ADDOPT)

This study is a repeated measures clinical trial assessing the adoption and implementation of acupuncture as a treatment for chronic pain in an urban primary care setting. 

Participating Practices
Montefiore Medical Group sites in Bronx, NY: Family Health Center, Fordham Family Practice, Castle Hill

Principal Investigator
Diane McKee, MD, MS

Project Timeline
Launch: 2009
Data Collection: April 2009-August 2011

Study Overview
Assessment of feasibility or the ability to carry out in real world practice; adequacy of resources; acceptability to patients, acupuncturists and primary care clinicians.  Participants receiving care for chronic pain due to osteoarthritis, neck or back pain at four Bronx health centers serving low-income families, received up to 14 weekly acupuncture treatments.  Pain and functional status were assessed during a 6 week run-in period before, during and post acupuncture treatment using the Brief Pain Inventory and the SF-12.  

Of 400 patients referred, 170 had initiated treatment. The majority of attending physicians had referred, most commonly for back pain (n=103; 60.6%). Participants’ average age is 53.9 (SD 14.1); 54.1% are Hispanic; 57.6% are on Medicaid. Half (48%) report “poor” or “fair” overall health. Patients reported an average disability score of 74 (SD 27.0) and baseline pain severity on the Brief Pain Inventory of 6 (SD 1.9). Patients have completed a mean of 9.1 (SD 5.6) treatments; 72.4% complete >5 sessions. Despite disability and lack of familiarity, patients initiate acupuncture and show high levels of engagement with treatment.

Contact information:
Program Coordinator: Giselle Campos-Dominguez, 718-430-3742,

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