The New York City Research and Improvement Networking Group (NYC RING)

Improving Long Acting Reversible Contraception Access for Adolescents

To explore urban Primary Care Providers (PCPs) experiences, attitudes and beliefs about long acting reversible contraceptives (LARC) counseling and provision to adolescents.

Participating Practices
Bronx East Women’s Center, Bronx NY
Centennial Women’s Center. Bronx NY
Lutheran Medical Center, Brooklyn NY
Montefiore North Ambulatory Care Center, Bronx NY

Montefiore Medical Group sites in Bronx, NY:
Castle Hill Family Practice
Comprehensive Family Care Center (CFCC)
Family Care Center (FCC)
Family Health Center (FHC)
Fordham Family Practice
Williamsbridge Family Practice
Grand Concourse
Astor Avenue Pediatrics

Principal Investigator
Susan Rubin, MD, MPH

Project Timeline
Launch: 2010
Data Collection: Phase I November 2010-April 2011
Continue through: 2013

Study Overview
We conducted qualitative semi-structured interviews with PCPs to explore their approaches to LARC counseling, and investigate barriers and facilitators influencing the offering of LARC options during contraception counseling with adolescents. The interview data will be triangulated with: a) written and unwritten practice policies around LARC provision (including information about adolescents), as well as b) structured interviews with practice administrators and medical directors asking: 1) number of clinicians at the facility who provide and/or insert LARC, 2) LARC scheduling availability, 3) perception of the written and unwritten protocol around LARC, 4) supply of LARC methods, 5) barriers and facilitators to LARC provision.  This information will be collected about LARC provision for all women, and specifically for adolescents.

Participants for the semi-structured interviews included PCPs (family physicians, pediatricians, obstetrician/gynecologists, nurse practitioners and physician assistants) who care for female adolescents, provide at minimum 30% clinical time.

Contact information:
Program Coordinator: Giselle Campos-Dominguez, 718-430-3742,

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