Rose F. Kennedy Children's Evaluation & Rehabilitation Center

Faculty List 2014

Fellowship Training Program in Developmental-Behavioral Pediatrics
Children's Evaluation and Rehabilitation Center (CERC) and
The Rose F. Kennedy Center
University Center for Excellence in Developmental Disability
Education, Research and Service
Albert Einstein College of Medicine and
The Children’s Hospital at Montefiore

Key Faculty and Staff, Their Roles and Areas of Interest  


Children's Evaluation and Rehabilitation Center/University Center For Excellence in Developmental Disabilities (UCEDD) Education, Reasearch and Service

Medical Professionals

Theodore A. Kastner, M.D., M.S., Professor of Pediatrics 
Director, Children's Evaluation & Rehabilitation Center, CERC
Co-Director, Rose F. Kennedy Center
Chief, Division of Developmental Medicine
Ruth L. Gottesman Professor of Child Development

Robert W. Marion, M.D.: Director, RFK UCEDD/ LEND
Liaison to RFK IDDRC
Professor of Pediatrics and Obstetrics and Gynecology and Women’s Health
Chief, Divisions of Developmental Medicine and Genetics, Children’s Hospital at Montefiore.
- Clinical Genetics
- Genetics of Autism
- Spina Bifida
- Williams Syndrome
- Cardiogenetics

Herbert J. Cohen, M.D.: Professor of Pediatrics and Rehabilitation Medicine,
Director Emeritus, CERC and the UCEDD.
- Health Care Policy Research
- HIV and Developmental Disabilities
- Child Care for Children with Disabilities

Maris Rosenberg, M.D.: Associate Professor of Clinical Pediatrics
Program Director, DBP Fellowship Program, CERC.
Medical Training in Developmental Disabilities
Certified in Developmental-Behavorial Pediatrics – 2002

Ruth E. K. Stein, M.D.: Professor of Pediatrics, RFK CERC
Director of Research, DBP Fellowship Program, Pediatrics Training Program.
- Chronic Illness
- Health Care Service Delivery
- Health Care Financing
Certified in Development Behavioral Pediatrics -- 2004Key Faculty and Staff, Their Roles and Areas of Interest

Blanche Benenson, M.D.: Assistant Clinical Professor of Pediatrics, CERC
site Training Director, Training Coordinator, Behavorial Pediatrics
- Behavorial Pediatrics
- School Health
- Elimination Disorders
Certified in Developmental-Behavorial Pediatrics – 2002

Katlyne Lubin, M.D., M.P.H.: Assistant Professor of Pediatrics
Director, CERC Developmental and Family Services Unit
- Pediatric Rehabilitation
- HIV and Developmental Disabilities
- Public Health Issues
Certified in Neurodevelopmental Disabilities – 2002
Certified in Developmental-Behavorial Pediatrics – 2002

Iris Lesser, M.D.: Assistant Clinical Professor of Pediatrics, Co-Director CERC School Age Unit (SAU).
- School Age Children
- Learning Disabilities
- Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

Lisa Shulman, M.D.: Associate Professor of Clinical Pediatrics. Director of the Infant Toddler Team.
- Early Intervention
- Identification and Autism
Certified in Developmental-Behavorial Pediatrics -- 2004

Yeou-Cheng Ma, M.D.: Assistant Clinical Professor of Pediatrics and Coordinator of Pediatric Services for children with hearing impairment.
- Speech and Hearing Problems
- Music Development in Children

Maria De Rosario Valicente-McDermott, M.D., M.S.: Assistant Professor of Pediatrics
- Autistic Speech Disorders (ASD)
- Gastrointestinal Disorders in Children with ASD

Rani Kathirithamby, M.D.: Program Director, Pediatric Rehabilitation Fellowship, Associate Professor of Rehabilitation Medicine and Pediatrics; Director of the Rehabilitation Unit in CERC.
- Pediatric Rehabilitation
- Adaptive Equipment

Rosa Seijo, M.D.:Assistant Clinical Professor of Pediatrics; Medical Director, Infant Toddler Team.
- Early Identification and Intervention
- Language Development in Bilingual Children
- Medication Management
Certified in Developmental-Behavorial Pediatrics – 2004

Harriet Wieder, M.D: Assistant Clinical Professor of Pediatrics, Pediatric Attending, Rehabilitation Unit.
- Early Intervention
- Pediatric Rehabilitation
- Medication Management
Certified in Neurodevelopmental Disabilities- 2001
Certified in Developmental-Behavioral Pediatrics- 2004


Other Physicians

Scott Afrin, M.D.: Associate Clinical Professor of Ophthalmology and Ophthalmology Consultant to CERC.
- Developmental Eye Disorders
- Visual Problems in Children with Disabilities

Antonio Bucciarelli-Pici, M.D.: Assistant Clinical Professor of Rehabilitation Medicine, Attending Physiatrist. Also Director of Rehabilitation Medicine at St. Agnes Hospital in White Plains, N.Y.
- Early Intervention for Children with Physical Disabilities

 Dovelet Sashou, M.D.: Assistant Professor, Director of Ophthalmology
- Developmental Eye Problems

Shlomo Shinnar, M.D.: Director of Pediatric Epilepsy Center. Professor of Neurology and Pediatrics.
- Seizure Disorders

Alfred Spiro, M.D.: Professor of Neurology and Pediatrics at EINSTEIN. Consultant to CERC.
- Muscle Diseases

Mitchell Steinschneider, M.D.: Coordinator of CERC Seizure Clinic; Associate Professor of Neurology and Pediatrics.
- Seizure Disorders
- Language Processing

Sarah Daniella Kevelson,M.D.: Assistant Professor of Psychiatry & Pediatrics
-Psychopathology in Young Children
-Medical Education

Gwendolyn Lopez-Cohen, M.D.: Assistant Professor of Psychiatry & Pediatrics
-Psychopathology in Children and Adolescents



Erin Rivelis, Ph.D.: Director of CERC's Adolescent Unit and the Alternative Program.
- Adolescent Counseling
- Adolescents with Learning Disabilities and Associated Behavior Problems
- Exposure to violence

Susan Chinitz, Psy.D.: Professor of Clinical Pediatrics and Psychiatry, EINSTEIN; Director, Early Childhood Center, CERC and the Center for Babies, Toddlers and Families
- Behavioral Interventions for Preschool ChildrenKey Faculty and Staff, Their Roles and Areas of Interest 6
- Infant Mental Health

Ellen Silver, Ph.D.: Assistant Professor of Pediatrics; Psychology Consultant to CERC on Research Design.
- Health Care Delivery for low income and special needs children
- Developmental Psychology
- Maternal Mental Health and Chronic Illness
- Data Analysis

Mayra Alvarez, Ph.D.: Assistant Professor of Pediatrics; Psychologist on IPU and DFSU, RFK UCEDD Co-Director of Training.
- HIV Infection in School Age Children
- Development of Bilingual Children

Dimitra Robokos, Ph.D.: Assistant Clinical Professor of Pediatrics.
- Psychologist, Infant Preschool Unit

Anne Murphy, Psy.D.: Assistant Professor Clinical Pediatrics; Psychologist, Early Childhood Center, Co-Director, Center for Babies, Toddlers & Families
- Parent/child attachment
- Early Brain Development and Adverse Childhood Experiences

Lisa Rapaport, Ph.D.: Clinical Assistant Professor of Pediatrics; Psychologist, Developmental and Family Services Unit.
- Children with HIV Infection and chronic health conditions

Katherine Lawson, Ph.D.: Associate Professor of Pediatrics & Psychologist School Age Unit
- Behavioral Research
- Learning Disabilities

Elizabeth Tullock, Ph.D.: Clinical Assistant Professor of Pediatrics, Psychologist, Infant Toddler Team
- Early Identification and Intervention
- Family Counseling



John Foxe, Ph.D.: Professor of Pediatrics; CERC Director of Research, Co-Director of IDDRC
-Multisensory integration in neurodevelopmental disabilities

Sophie Molholm, Ph.D.: Professor of Pediatrics; CERC Co-Director of Research
-Multisensory integration in neurodevelopmental disabilities


Social Workers

Diana Rodriguez, M.S.W.: Social Worker in the Infant and Preschool and Early Intervention and Rehabilitation Units.
- High Risk Infant Follow-up
- Early Intervention
- Genetic Disorders

Linda Kalb-Schweitzer, L.C.S.W.: Social Worker and Assistant Director of the Adolescent Unit.
- Adolescents with Disabilities

Marsha Edell, L.C.S.W.: Senior Social Worker in DFSU and Miniteam Unit
- Children and Families affected by HIV
- Child Abuse and Neglect
- Developmental Delays

Rebecca Lazar, L.C.S.W.: Social Worker, Adolescent Unit
- Adolescent Mental Health

Nereida Feliciano: Case Aide, CHAM Horizon Floor and CERC.


Special Educators

Monica McQuaid, Ph.D.: Instructor, Adult Literacy Program
Adult Literacy
- Neuropsychological Assessment

Deborah Meringolo, M.A., M.S.: Associate Director Infant Toddler Team
- Early Intervention


Speech Pathology and Audiology

Nancy Tarshis, M.A., M.S., C.C.C./SP: Senior Speech Pathologist; Adjunct Instructor, Columbia University Teacher's College.
- Augmentative Communication
- Feeding Programs

Lydia Soifer, Ph.D.: Clinical Assistant Professor of Pediatrics, Speech Pathology Consultant to CERC.
- Developmental Language Disorders
- Learning Disability

Janie Chobot-Rodd, Au.D.: Assistant Professor, Audiologist in CERC.
- Congenital Hearing Disorders.
- Cochlear Implants

Ida Barresi, C.C.C./SP: Senior Speech Pathologist on Rehabilitation and School Age Units.
- Augmentative Communications
- Feeding Programs


Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy

Carol Terilli PT, DPT, C/NDT.: Instructor, Physical Therapy at CERC; Adjunct Instructor, Mercy College. - Adaptive Seating and Equipment - Early Intervention

Elizabeth Ridgway, O.T.D.: Assistant Professor, Occupational Therapy at CERC. - Neurodevelopmental Therapy



Susan Greenhill, R.N., P.N.P.: Nurse Clinician in CERC specializing in physical rehabilitation and medication management.
- Attention Deficit Disorders
- Pediatric Rehabilitation


Nutrition, Sociology, Political Science, Administration and Others

Keith Thomas Ayoob, Ed.D.: Associate Clinical Professor of Pediatrics. Director of Nutritional Services in CERC.
- Nutritional Disorders in the Developmentally Disabled
- Hyperphagia

Laurie Bauman, Ph.D.: Professor of Pediatrics. Director, Preventive
Intervention Research Center.
- Medical Sociology
- Chronic Illness

Polly Bijur, Ph.D.: Professor of Pediatrics and Consulting Epidemiologist.
- Injuries to Children
- Environmental Hazards

Nora V. Estaban, M.D.: Associate Professor of Clinical Pediatrics. Director, Fellows’ Research Methodology Course

 Shana Gandal, M.P.A.: Chief Administrator of CERC
- Computerized Information Systems
- Health Delivery Systems

Joanne F. Siegel, L.C.S.W.: Director of Community, Legislative and Advocacy.
- Adolescents and Adults with Disabilities
- Public Policy
- Self Advocacy

Ron Litow, M.S., O.T. and Jeff Offner, M.A.: Consulting Orthotists for Rehabilitation Unit.
- Rehabilitation Equipment
- Applied Technology

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