To be BOLD in the
face of cancer is
possible with support

BOLD Program Support Services

bold videosCreate your own wellness plan during this challenging time by choosing from, and combining, our various BOLD support programs, all FREE of charge.

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Contact numbers and emails to reach us:

If you have any questions and to register for programs, please contact us at:

BOLD Living Program: 718-430-2380, or 718-430-2200



Individual Counseling

The BOLD Living Program offers free individual counseling for cancer patients, survivors, family members, those at risk for cancer and medical staff. Services are provided by psychology interns and externs who are supervised by the director, Dr. Moadel-Robblee a licensed clinical health psychologist. This supportive service can help you in many ways. For example, we offer support and guidance on how to cope with sadness, anxiety, treatment side-effects and lifestyle changes that people with cancer and their families sometimes face.


BOLD Buddy and Woman-to-Woman Programs

The BOLD Buddy and Woman-to-Woman Programs offer treatment companionship to those going through cancer alone. Both programs will match you with a trained volunteer who will provide support during your treatments or medical appointments, will provide supportive phone calls before and after medical appointments and may travel with you to and from your cancer center appointments.

The BOLD Buddy Program provides support to men and women diagnosed with any form of cancer; the Woman-to-Woman Program provides support for women who have been diagnosed with gynecologic cancers.


Support Groups

The BOLD Living Program offers two groups per week, one in English and one in Spanish. These groups offer a safe place for those interested in sharing their thoughts and feelings, learning how to cope with day to day challenges, and connecting with others who may be going through the same things that they are going through. These groups cover many different topics which include: Coping with Treatment Side Effects, Finding Peace & Hope, Coping with Change, Getting Your Needs Met, Living Out Your Purpose, Surviving and Thriving After Cancer, etc.


Wellness Workshop

The wellness workshops of the BOLD Living Program cover a wide range of groups to support the mind, body and spirit of those affected by cancer. BOLD groups include nutrition workshops, mind-body groups such as reiki, meditation, dance movement therapy, aikido and creative expression groups such as crochet, scrapbooking and creative writing and many, more. You don’t have to have any experience to participate – it’s all about learning, growing and connecting with others who are sharing a similar experience. Please sign up for our monthly calendar to choose your favorite workshops each month.


Be BOLD, Quit Smoking!

This 8-week group program offered periodically throughout the year was designed by a health psychologist based on the state-of-the-art evidence in smoking cessation to help you reach your goal of smoke-free living. This group is offered both in English and Spanish and is available to anyone who is trying to quit or has already quit and thinks they might need some support. In the group you will learn and practice techniques to manage stress and triggers, learn tools to conquer urges and temptations and learn about nicotine replacement therapies and medications to help you quit.

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