Jayanthi Shastri Jayanthi Shastri  
Professor & Chair
Department of Microbiology
T. N. Medical College & Nair Hospital
Mumbai, India
US Collaborator: Ellie Schoenbaum, M.D.

Dr. Shastri visited Einstein in 2004 to initiate collaborative research to study the natural history of HIV infection and its association with STDs among sex workers in Mumbai, India. Her US collaborator, Dr. Schoenbaum, visited Kamatipura sex workers' site in the Fall of 2004, which culminated in a Einstein-Montefiore CFAR funded study 'A pilot study of HIV among sex workers in Mumbai'. Dr. Schoenbaum mentored the study, while Dr. Nina Coopermann & Dr. Shastri were the investigators.

In January 2008, a 4-week clinical research training workshop was held at T. N. Medical College, Mumbai. Dr. Shastri & Dr. Schoenbaum co-organized this meeting with several teaching faculty from Einstein teaching the course (see under Meetings/Workshops for more details). Dr. Shastri re-visited Einstein in 2009 to explore additional collaborations with the Einstein investigators.

Members of Dr. Shastri's research team who visited Einstein AITRP:
  1. Dr. Lona Dash, Associate Professor, T. N. Medical College - visited Einstein in 2010 & participated in the summer CRTP course as well as visited Dr. David Goldman to initiate new laboratory-based clinical research
Publications resulting from AITRP collaboration:
  1. Nina A. Cooperman, Jayanthi S. Shastri, Aditi Shastri & Ellie E. Schoenbaum (2010) Comparing HIV infection, Risk behaviour and Knowledge among Female sex workers and at-risk non sex workers in Mumbai, India (submitted to AIDS and Behavior).
Meeting Presentations of collaborative research:
  1. Poster presented at the Society for Behavioral Medicine Conference, Seattle 'Comparing HIV Prevalence, Risk behaviour & knowledge between female sex workers & at risk non sex workers in Mumbai, India' N. A. Cooperman, J. S. Shastri, A. Shastri and E. E. Schoenbaum.
  2. Poster to be presented at Texas American College of Physicians conference. 'HIV & HPV coinfection in female sex workers in Mumbai, India: Prevalence & Implications'.

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