Office of Grant Support

Active Grants at Einstein

Center Grants

5P30AG038072-05 Barzilai, Nir Einstein's Nathan Shock Center of Excellence in Basic Biology of Aging (Reporter)  Einstein link 

5P30CA013330-41 Goldman, Israel Core Support for Cancer Research Center (Reporter)  Einstein link

5P30AI051519-10 Goldstein, Harris Center for AIDS Research (CFAR) (Reporter)   Einstein link

5P60DK20541-37 Pessin, Jeffrey  Diabetes Research and Training Center (Reporter)  Einstein link 

5P60MD00514-09 Strelnick, Alvin Bronx Center to Reduce and Eliminate Ethnic and Racial Health Disparities (Reporter)  Einstein link 

5P30HD071593-04 Walkley, Steven Upshaw Support for the Rose F. Kennedy IDD Research Center (Reporter)    Einstein link

2P30DK041296-26 Wolkoff, Alan  Liver Pathobiology and Gene Therapy Research Core Center (Reporter)  Einstein link


5U54GM094662-05 Almo, Steven The NYSGRC: A Large Scale Center for PSI: Biology (Reporter)   Einstein link 

1U54CA190163-01 Anastos, Kathryn HIV/HPV Cancer Prevention Treatment and Pathogenesis Rwanda/Einstein Consortium Einstein link
5U54CA163131-04 Condeelis, John  Tumor Microenvironments Determining Migration, Dissemination and Dormancy (Reporter)   Einstein link  

5UL1TR001073-02 Shamoon, Harry Clinical and Translational Science Award   Einstein link 


Program Projects

2P01GM068036-11 Callender, Robert Protein Dynamics in Enzymatic Catalysis (Reporter)  Einstein link 

2P01CA100324-11A1 Condeelis, John Motility and Invasion (Reporter)  Einstein link 

2P01AG031782-06A1 Cuervo, Ann-Marie Functional Consequences of Impaired Autophagy in Aging (Reporter)   Einstein Link 

5P01HL110900-03 Friedman, J Mechanisms and Modulation of Accellular HbA Toxicity  Einstein link 

5P01AI063537-09 Jacobs, William Molecular Analysis of Tuberculosis Immunity  Einstein Link 

5P01AG003949-30 Lipton, Richard Einstein Aging Study (Reporter)   Einstein link 

5P01HD070454-04 Morrow, Bernice Mouse Models of Human Conotruncal Defects      Einstein link

2P01AG017242-17A1 Vijg, Jan DNA Repair, Mutations and Cellular Aging (Reporter)  Einstein Link 



Training Grants


5K12GH102779-03 Cox, Diane (contact PI), Birshtein, Barbara Bronx Einstein Training in Teaching and Research (BETTR)  Einstein Link  (postdoctoral support)

2K12CA132783-06 Perez-Soler, Roman Paul Calabresi Career Development Award for Clinical Oncology  Einstein link  (postdoctoral support)


5KL2TR001071-02 Shamoon, Harry Clinical and Translational Science Award Einstein link 


5T32GM007288-40 Akabas, Myles  Medical Scientist Training Program (Reporter)   Einstein link  (predoctoral support)

2T32AG023475-11 Barzilai, Nir  Training in Aging Research (Reporter)  Einstein link   (predoctoral and postdoctoral support)

5T32DK007110-39 Kaskel, Frederick J. Developmental Nephrology (Reporter)  Einstein link  (postdoctoral support)

5T32GM007491-38 Kielian, Margaret Training Program in Cellular & Molecular Biology  & Genetics (Reporter)   Einstein link (predoctoral) 

2T32AI070117-06A1 Kim, Kami Geographic Medicine and Emerging Infections (Reporter) Einstein link (predoctoral and postdoctoral support) 

5T32AI007501-20 Prasad, Vinayaka HIV, AIDS and Opportunistic Infections (Reporter)   Einstein link  (predoctoral and postdoctoral support)

5T32NS007098-34 Santambrogio, Laura Molecular Neuropathology (Reporter)   Einstein link  (predoctoral and postdoctoral support)

5T32HL007675-25 Sibinga, Nicholas Mechanisms of Cardiovascular Diseases (Reporter)  Einstein link (postdoctoral support) 

5T32NS007439-15 Verselis, Vytautas Mechanisms of Intercellular Communication (Reporter)  Einstein link  (predoctoral and postdoctoral support)  

 5TL1TR001072-02 Shamoon, Harry Clinical and Translational Science Award Einstein link 


Resource-Related Research Projects: 

5R24RR012596-18 Hall, David H. Center For Caenorhabditis Elegans Anatomy (Reporter)    Einstein link

Shared Instrumentation:


1S10OD0020068-01 Almo, Steven C. An Integrated X-Ray Data Collection System

1S10OD016214-01A1 Casadevall, Arturo 120kV Transmission Electron Microscope for a Multi-user Microscopy Facility     

1S10OD09961-01 Condeelis, J  High-speed/resolution whole slide scanner supported by two core facilities  

1S10OD016305-01A1 Cowburn, David Console and Probe Upgrade for 600 MHZ NMR 

1S10OD018218-01 Verkhusha, Vladislav  Super Resolution PALM/STORM Microscopy System In Multi-User Facility   


Updated 4/23/15 

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