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Policies and Procedures Related to the Post Award Management of Grants and Contracts


Resource Guide Cover - Table of Contents - Preface - Overview   


Grant Administration

  2.1 Grant Administration  

 2.1A Direct Cost Guidelines for Sponsored Projects   


Getting Started 

3.1 What is a Notice of Award?  

3.2 How Do I Access the Financial Information System?  

3.3 Which Financial Reports Do I Need To Access?  

3.4 How Do I Access Report To Web?  

3.5 How Do I Access the YESS System?  

3.6 How Do I Access The Shared Facilities Management System?  


Setting Up An Account 

4.1 How Do I Obtain a Grant General Ledger Number?  

4.3 How Do I Set-Up and Manage an Independent Contractor Con?  

4.4 How Do I Accept a Grant or Award from Another Institute?  

4.5 How Do I Process a Non-Competing Continuation Application?  

4.6 How Do I Process a Continuation via eSNAP?  

4.7 Advance Account Policy 

       Advance Spending Account Request Form GA150 20    


Managing An Award 

5.1 Sponsored Budget Transfer 

5.2 How Do I Process a SubContract And/Or Intercharge Agreement?  

5.3 How Do I Process an Amendment to a SubContract?  

5.4 Which Purchases (Object Codes) Require Grant Accounting?  

5.5 How Do I Interpret G-L Information To Manage Grant and Contract Activity?  

5.6 How Do I Charge Inter/Intradepartmental Expenditures?  

5.7 How Do I Monitor Expenditures and Balances on My Grant?  

5.8.A Cost Transfer Policy V5  

5.8.B Cost Transfer Procedure V5  

       Non Labor CT Form V5 - OTPS  

5.9 How Do I Assist In Effort Reporting and Certification?  

5.10 How Do I Obtain a No-Cost Extention?  

5.11 How Do I Obtain a Credit Memo?  


Closing Out An Account 

6.1 How Do I Close Out An Expired Grant or Award?  

6.2 How Do I Request a Carry Forward?  

6.3 How Do I Transfer a Grant or Award to Another Institution?  

6.4 Intellectual Property  

6.5 How Do I Obtain Interim Support?  


Managing Faculty, Staff, Graduate Students and Research Fellows

         ·  Academic-Appointments 
         ·  International-Students-Scholars 


Institute For Animal Studies 

Institutional Review Board

Human Resources



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