Environmental Health & Safety

Cryogenic Materials

The Department of Environmental Health and Safety would like to remind the laboratory workers of the safety precautions needed when working with cryogenic materials. Please review the guidelines below:

  1. Personal Protective Equipment: Thermal insulating gloves should be worn at all times. Closed-toe shoes, long sleeves, long pants, and a lab coat should be worn to protect skin from splashes or other contact with the cryogenic material.
  2. Containers: Make sure that the container has been designed to withstand the extremely low temperatures expected from the cryogenic substance. Always allow cryogenic solutions, such as CO2/acetone, to return to room temperature before sealing the storage container.

If you have any questions regarding the safe use of chemicals in your laboratory, please review the procedures listed in the Chemical Hygiene Plan located in each laboratory or call EH&S at X4150.

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