Diversity Mentoring

Strategic Plan

The number of women and underrepresented minorities in academic medicine do not reflect the current demographic profile of race and gender in the United States. Diversity in academic medicine is adversely affected by multiple complex factors. Current evidence indicates that absence of career development plans and suboptimal mentoring significantly contributes to disparities in the advancement of women and underrepresented minorities in academia. This in turn negatively impacts the faculty diversity in academic medicine.

Five Year Vision

Student listening
  • Assess Einstein's academic community needs and determine gaps in career development and mentoring opportunities for underrepresented minorities and women.
  • Develop and institute formal Individual Career Development Plan (ICDP) for faculty
  • Develop and institute programs that support mentor-mentee peering
  • Confirm the existence of an Individual ICDP and confirm mentor-mentee pairing for new faculty hires
  • Track turnover and career development of faculty through department leadership and exit interviews.
  • To facilitate and Increase mentoring opportunities within Einstein.
    1. Creation of a Steering Committee for Faculty Mentoring. The primary focus of this committee will be to provide guidance to Junior and Midlevel Faculty seeking grant funding. Faculty will be appointed by department chairs as well as selected by the Dean's office.
    2. Expand Einstein mentoring opportunities by creating a Mentoring Coalition. This interactive program is intended to provide a venue where faculty can easily identify someone who can provide mentoring on diverse topics that may include family and career management, how to develop an ICDP, etc.
    3. Create a mechanism through which mentoring of faculty is recognized as an important and necessary element for the promotions process.
  • Increase opportunities and create venues for networking and peer mentoring.
  • Create a Mentor Institute that offers courses focused on training Mentors (certificate course as well as continuing medical education)
  • Create a Mentor Alliance Group for brief and focused online mentored activities/projects
  • Create a Mentor Steering Committee whose primary focus will be assistance with grant review.
  • Organized annual activities focused on mentoring of underrepresented minorities and women.
  • Engage and invite Einstein Alumni to participate in institutional activities focused on the career development and mentorship of underrepresented minorities and women.
  • Develop innovative training programs focused on cultural sensitivity and faculty mentoring
  • Partner with the Office of Faculty Development, The Hispanic Center of Excellence, Graduate Division of Biomedical Sciences, the Medical Scientist Training Program, and The Belfer Institute to prevent program overlap and to optimize faculty and trainee benefit.
  • Announce and support faculty attendance to the AAMC faculty development programs focused on underrepresented minorities and women; develop a follow-up program so that attendees can share their insights with faculty at Einstein.

Desired Outcome

  • Increased availability of institutional resources focused on mentoring and professional development activities for underrepresented minorities and women
  • Increased awareness and institutional coordination of activities that address career development needs/concerns of underrepresented minorities at Einstein College of Medicine
  • Increased retention of highly competitive underrepresented minorities and women devoted to academic excellence through scientific and teaching excellence.
  • Expanded and targeted training opportunities for career development and mentoring
  • Increase the pipeline of highly qualified underrepresented minority and women eligible for academic advancement and positions of leadership.
  • Increase the number of underrepresented minorities and women role models in academic medicine at Einstein College of Medicine.
  • Provide a model of excellence and diversity that attracts more women and minority faculty to Einstein.
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