The Transgenic Facility provides a wide array of services to the college. The primary being traditional pronuclear injections.

Investigator responsibilities include the design and assembling of a fusion gene construct. Then the facility injects the DNA into fertilized embryos. Investigators then analyze tail DNA for the transgene.

Generally the facility will inject after two weeks upon receiving the construct. Schedules may change depending on circumstances, but operates primarily on a first come-first served basis.

After injection, approximately 19 to 20 days following a successful oviduct transfer, psuedo pregnants give birth to candidate pups. The facility will house the pups for 10 to 14 days upon birth and then transfer the mice to the appropriate animal room via Institute of Animal Studies. The whole procedure takes approximately two months.

We then require recipient labs to do southern blot and provide the facility with evidence (or lack thereof) of positive mice within four weeks of receiving pups. Our policy is we provide 3 founders or 60 pups, whichever comes first. All data must be discussed with Dr. Ken Chen and all injection scheduling must be arranged with him.

In addition to pronuclear injections, the Transgenic Facility offers lentiviral transgenesis, embryo rederivation, sperm/egg/embryo freezing, and in-vitro fertilization. If you wish to request any of these aforementioned services please check Services and Preparation. The facility uses FVB embryos for injection and any investigator wishing to use a different strain of mice must discuss beforehand the possibility with Dr. Ken Chen and if agreed upon, accept the responsibility of bearing additional costs for any mice the facility must purchase and house as a result.


The Transgenic Facility