The services the Transgenic and Gene Targeting Facility proudly performs for the Albert Einstein College of Medicine is the coordinated effort of dedicated individuals. Faculty supervisors of the facility are Dr. Jeffrey Pollard and Dr. Winfried Edelmann. The direct manager of the facility's day to day operations is Dr. Ken Chen.

Dr. Ken Chen

Dr. Chen is the director of the Transgenic Facility and an expert in construct design and microinjection.

Mr. Harry Hou Jr.

Harry Hou Jr. is the director of the Gene Targeting Facility and resident Embryonic Stem Cell microinjection expert.


Mr. Marc Vargas

Marc Vargas is the resident transgenic microinjector as well as the primary designer of the web site.

Dr. Zhi Kai Zhang is an expert in ES cell culture.

Jim Lee is the animal care technician for the facility.