The Gene Targeting Facility exclusively services members of Albert Einstein College of Medicine. Anyone wishing to request a stem cell injection and is not a member of Cancer Center must agree to a collaboration with an existing member. There are no exceptions to this rule.

The general overview of the procedure is as follows. A schedule will be agreed upon ahead of time where individual investigators will have grown ES cells and deliver them to the facility for injection. The facility will provide the blastocysts, the strain of mice used are C57/B6. Facility injectors will inject ES cells into blastocysts and then transfer injected blastocysts into CD1 foster mothers. Individual investigators are then responsible to house the foster mother in their own animal rooms. The facility will not house foster mothers. Seventeen days later, if the cell line used was viable, and the transfer was successful, pups should be born. The facility provides no guarantees with respect to the number of chimeras that will be obtained. It is advisable that investigators inject the same cell line for several consecutive days in order to increase the chances of chimeras. All scheduling must be agreed upon in advance.

The Gene Targeting Facility provides a number of additional services. The facility can teach investigators how to harvest blastocysts from mice plugged for 3.5 days. Any investigator experiencing difficulty growing ES cells can be directed to affiliates experienced in the technique. Healthy ES cells improve the chance of obtaining chimeras.


The Gene Targeting Facility