Ad Libitum

Art Night 2007


On the 5th of December, 2007, the Ad Libitum team held a wonderful evening during which artists, musicians, poets and writers from the AECOM community showcased their work and performed enthusiastically to a mesmerized crowd consisting of faculty, students, and employees. This night, called the Ad Lib Art & Literary Nite, mirrored the Einstein community’s devotion towards art, and exhibited the breadth of talent present within this scientific community. Fifty-three artists displayed paintings, sketches, sculptures and photographs, and 15 writers and poets read their written pieces. The Einstein String Quartet performed while the audience browsed artwork, sipping wine and eating hor d’ouvres. This event would not have been possible without the help of Peter Dama and the Graphic Arts Center, Karen Gardner and the MIS center.  Funding for this event was provided by Dr. Albert Kuperman, Dr. Stephen Lazar, the Graduate Student Council and the Graduate office.

Ad Lib Group 

Some members of the Ad Libitum team.  Left to right:Sarah Lutz, Irene Puga, Mariam Kabir, Natasha Shapiro, Maria Fan, Eric Hayden, Souvik Sarkar, and Soumit Roy.

2007 Musician 

Bret Negro entertains the crowd.

 2007 Art night crowd 

Over 200 people gathered to listen to poets and writers read their work.

2007 Musicians 

The Einstein String Quartet. Clockwise from left: Bret Negro, Michael Berlin, Jessica Lee, and Jennifer Lee, all 1st year medical students.

2007 Poet 

Noé Romo, a fourth year medical student, reading his poetry.

2007 Writer 

Sylvia Smoller, Professor in the Dept. of Epidemiology and Population Health, reading an excerpt from her novel, Rachel and Aleks. 

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