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To support the more than one thousand students currently enrolled in Einstein’s M.D., Ph.D. and combined M.D.-Ph.D. programs, the Jack and Pearl Resnick campus bustles with a variety of activities and outlets. Whether you’re seeking information relevant to your academic endeavors or to other interests, the links provided below offer you easy access to a broad range of services and departments at the College of Medicine. Can't find a resource you need? Please contact to let us know.

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Issue of Leadership Training—In a paper “The Iatrogenic Crisis of Leadership Training: Status of Residency Programs,” published in the July/August 2016 edition of Physician Leadership Journal, fourth-year medical student Rabbi Peter Kahn discusses the lack of leadership training in United States residency programs, with only a few programs offering stand-alone educational tracks dedicated to leadership. Mr. Kahn, a recipient of a master’s degree in theology from Harvard and an master’s in public health from Johns Hopkins, can attest to the value of such training and advocates for the current residency system to provide urgently needed leadership in the form of separate leadership tracks. He also encourages all medical students, house staff and physicians to develop managerial training courses at their institutions.

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