Transgenic Facility


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Transgenic Facility
1301 Morris Park Avenue
Price Center, Room B110
Bronx, New York 10461

Ken Chen, Director: 718.678.1106
Main Labs: 718.678.1107 iLab Solutions

The services the Transgenic Facility proudly performs for the Albert Einstein College of Medicine
is the coordinated effort of dedicated individuals.  Faculty supervisors of the facility are
Dr. Jeffrey Pollard and Dr. Winfried Edelmann.  The manager of the facility's day to day
operations is Dr. Ken Chen.

Lab_personnel_KC01_267x254         Dr. Ken Chen is the director of the Transgenic Facility and an expert in construct design and microinjection.    

 /uploadedImages/Research/Shared-Facilities/transgenic-facility/lab002.jpg        Mr. Marc Vargas is experienced in pronuclear microinjection and has been with the facility for over 13 years. 

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