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Services and Objectives

  • In vivo stable isotope substrate flux assays to determine rates of protein synthesis, lipogenesis and peripheral glucose disposal.
  • Assessments of plasma and tissue metabolite profiles for diagnosis/characterization of physiological and pathophysiological states. These include key metabolites in the glycolytic, gluconeogenic, pentose phosphate, and tricarboxylic (TCA) cycle pathways, fatty acid oxidation and complex lipids.
  • In vitro assessments of glycolysis (extracellular acidification rates) and mitochondrial oxygen consumption (mitochondrial respiration) in tissue explants, primary isolated and tissue culture cells using Seahorse Biosciences Flux Analyzers.

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Irwin Kurland, M.D.
Mass Spectrometer Operations
Hardik Shah
Seahorse Operations
Xueliang Du, Ph.D.  
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