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Services and Pricing

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Stem Cell Institute members receive 30% off for all services.  

CRISPR services

All of our CRISPR services use lentiviral vectors, in order to increase the efficiency of the process and make it applicable to most cells types. We also use inducible Cas9 contructs to minimize undesired effects of long-term Cas9 expression, and to facilitate reversible modulation of expression when using the CRISPRa or CRISPRi systems.

These services include sgRNA design and cloning, lentiviral packaging of the sgRNA and Cas9 vectors, transduction into customer-supplied cells, and selection. We deliver a polyclonal cell line, ready to treat with doxycyline to induce Cas9 expression. The uninduced cells or cells with an sgRNA targeting the AAV integration site can serve as a control. 

There may also be a $100–150 set-up fee per parental cell line. 

An additional $80 serum charge may apply unless customer supplies media containing tetracycline-free medium. 

For customers external to Einstein and Montefiore, prices are 50% higher than listed below, and require an MTA.  

  • Gene knockout — gene knockout using an inducible Cas9 and an sgRNA designed to your gene of interest. $400 per sgRNA. 
  • Gene activation (CRISPRa) — inactive Cas9 (dCas9) fused to a VP64 activation domain, with sgRNAs designed to the promoter region of your gene of interest to activate transcription. The dCas9 is under control of a dox-inducible Tet-ON promoter, making the activation controllable. $400-$1150, depending on the number of sgRNAs used. 
  • Gene knockin — inducible Cas9 with sgRNA designed to your gene of interest; you supply the homology template containing the insert sequence and appropriate homology arms. $400 per sgRNA. 
  • CRISPR control cell line — inducible Cas9 + gRNA that targets the AAV integration site. $100 per parental cell line.

In addition, we have pooled lentiviral CRISPR libraries, which provide a powerful means of screening for gene function from a large set of genes.


RNAi and ORF Reagents

Library_We supply shRNAs and ORFs from our libraries in these formats:

  • Lentivirus, either as viral supernatant (200 µl >106 TU/ml) ($135 per clone) or concentrated viral stock (50 µl at >108 TU/ml) ($325 per clone)  
  • Plasmid DNA ($100 per clone)  
  • Bacterial glycerol stocks ($50 per clone) 
  • Stable shRNA- or ORF-expressing cell lines ($210 per clone)  
We offer multi-clone discount on shRNAs when ordering 4 or more clones for the same gene.
Note: The shRNA Core Facility does not supply packaging plasmids or cells for generation of lentivirus. Upon request, we can provide you with information on sources for these materials. 

Screening services 

We perform gene modulation screens in two formats:

  • Custom arrayed screens. The readout can be plate-reader-based or image-based.
  • Pooled screens. The pooled format is appropriate for enrichment or dropout screens where a selection for the desired phenotype can be applied. Hits are identified by next-generation sequencing.

OperettaScreens can be performed with three different gene modulation approaches:

  • Knockdown screens (shRNA)
  • Knockout screens (CRISPR)
  • Overexpression screens (ORF)

We have equipment available for assays:  

  • Operetta High-Content Instrument: for image-based readouts in 96-well, 384-well, and other formats. Analysis software permits quantitation of a wide variety of cell parameters. $100 per hour of instrument and analysis time, 1 hour minimum. 
  • EnVision Multiplate Reader: for fluorescence, luminescence, absorbance, and other 96- or 384-well based plate reader assays. $40 per hour, 1 hour minimum. 


We are available to consult on gene modulation experiments and offer our expertise on experimental design and data analysis.


Note: Restrictions may apply for external researchers (those not at Einstein, Montefiore, or Yeshiva Univesity). Please contact us for detais.

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