Human Genetics Program

Gene Therapy Core

The Gene Therapy Core has been established to enrich and facilitate the research effort of the College-wide scientific community. Currently, the core generates and provides recombinant adenoviral vectors for gene transfer into cultured cells and in vivo.

The core provides shuttle vectors into which investigators can insert their promoters and coding regions of choice. The core then generates, purifies, tests and delivers the recombinant viruses to the investigator. There are several stock viruses expressing marker genes. These can be expanded to the amounts needed for ex vivo or in vivo gene transfer. The core can also expand recombinant adenoviruses provided by investigators. For a detailed user fee schedule, contact Dr. Xia Wang (ext. 3018) or Dr. J. Roy-Chowdhury (ext. 2265). Investigators wanting to introduce adenovirus-based gene transfer techniques to their laboratory can make an appointment with Dr. Roy-Chowdhury for preliminary discussion.

For laboratories with some experience in generating adenoviruses, the core can perform a part of the procedure. The user fee will be only for the part performed by the core. By the end of this year, the core is planning to introduce a service for generating recombinant lentiviral vectors.

Please call or e-mail Dr. Roy-Chowdhury to discuss your needs.

Location: Ullmann 525



Dr. J. Roy-Chowdhury 


Phone: 718.430.2265

Fax: 718.430.8975



Dr. Xia Wang 


Phone: 718.430.3018

Fax: 718.430.8975


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