Chemical Synthesis & Biology Core Facility


Welcome to the Chemical Synthesis & Biology Core Facility webpage. Dr. John Blanchard is a professor in the Department of Biochemistry at Albert Einstein and serves the facility as scientific director. Dr. Lars Nordstrom and Dr. Felix Kopp are experienced organic chemists with many years of expertise in the synthesis of organic small molecules, molecule libraries, and natural products.


  1. Custom chemical synthesis
  2. Synthesis consulting & project planning
  3. Compound Purification and Characterization
  4. Analytical services
  5. Data evaluation, editing and publishing support


John S. Blanchard, Ph.D., Director

Lars Nordstroem, Ph.D., Associate

Felix Kopp, Ph.D., Associate

Contact Us

Albert Einstein College of Medicine
Gruss (MRRC) Room 314A

1300 Morris Park Ave
Bronx N.Y. 10461

Phone: 718.430.3096

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