Biomarker Analytic Research Core

Biomarker Analytic Research Core

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Hours: 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Locations: Golding G02, Forchheimer G19 and Moses Research Pavilion 4th Floor

Phone: Jeff Lafleur 718.430.3314


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Dr. Daniel Stein diabetes research Albert Einstein College of Medicine Montefiore Medical Center Bronx NY

Core Director: Daniel T. Stein, M.D.  

Robin Sgueglia

Technician: Robin Sgueglia  


Biomarkers are playing an increasingly important role in clinical and translational research, especially as we move toward an era of personalized medicine in both the prevention and treatment of disease. The Biomarker Analytic Research Core (BARC) — the central laboratory for the ICTR, DRC and the Biorepository — provides sophisticated tools and expertise for Einstein and Montefiore investigators from the initial study planning stage through analysis and data output.


Facility services include:

  • State-of-the-art mass spectrometry analysis, including stable isotopes, as well as research-grade determination of lipids, and metabolic markers for a variety of human subjects and animal model projects.
  • High-throughput robotics for semi-automated high-quality sample preparation and analysis by immunoassay and liquid chromatography–mass spectrometry (LC/MS).
  • Support for novel developmental projects featuring applications of LC/MS and two-site bead-based assays.
  • Research quality analysis of metabolites for human and animal samples using an Olympus AU400 autoanalyzer.
  • Advanced training in analytical chemistry.

In addition to its isotope dilution LC/MS assays, BARC has already validated and made available quantitative measurement of 25(OH)2 vitamin D, androstenedione and testosterone via LC/MS. Other dual-use assays for steroids are under development, including ultrahigh sensitivity salivary cortisol, estradiol, and progesterone which will support both clinical care and research use. BARC also offers a novel method for LC/MS measurement of C-peptide, and is currently the reference lab for an ongoing clinical trial measuring insulin secretion.

All samples processed are labeled with barcoded cryolabels for easy identification. Records of samples and data are seamlessly integrated and tracked, and are remotely accessible via a secure research database.

Service Requests

Before bringing samples to the facility, please visit our iLab page which will provide you with pricing for all available services.

Available Assays

25-hydroxyvitamin D, total, LCMS

25-hydroxyvitamin D2, LCMS

25-hydroxyvitamin D3, LCMS

Adiponectin, HMW ELISA

Adiponectin, Human RIA

Alanine Aminotransferase (ALT)


Alkaline Phosphatase

Apolipoprotein A1

Apolipoprotein B

Aspartate Aminotransferase (AST)


Beta-Hydroxybutyrate, Serum

Beta-Hydroxybutyrate, Urine


Bilirubin, Direct

Bilirubin, Total

Bone Trap, Human ELISA

Bone Trap, Mouse ELISA

Calcium, Serum

Calcium, Urine

Chloride, Serum

Chloride, Urine


Corticosterone ELISA

Cortisol ELISA

C-peptide - 15N, Human in vitro, LCMS

C-Peptide - 15N, Human Serum, LCMS

C-peptide - 15N, Human Urine, LCMS

C-peptide - 15N, Rat in vitro, LCMS

C-peptide - 15N, Rat Urine, LCMS

C-Peptide , Human ELISA

C-peptide -15N, Rat Serum, LCMS

C-Peptide, Human via Mass Spec

C-Peptide, Human RIA

C-Peptide, Rat ELISA

Creatinine, Serum

Creatinine, Urine

Cystatin C


E-Selectin, Human ELISA

Estrone, Human ELISA

Fatty Acid Species, in Vitro, GC-FID

Fatty Acid Species, in Vitro, GCMS

Fatty Acid Species, Plasma

Fatty Acid Species, Plasma, GC-FID

Fatty Acid Species, Plasma, GCMS

FGF-23 (C-Term), Human ELISA

FGF-23 (Intact), Human ELISA

Free Testosterone, Human ELISA


Gamma-Glutamyl Transpeptidase

Ghrelin (total), RIA

GLP-1 (total), ELISA

Glucagon ELISA


Glucose - 6,6-2H2, GCMS

Glucose - D2, other, GCMS

Glucose - U13C, Plasma, GCMS

Glucose -2H7, GCMS

Glycerol - 2H5, GCMS

Glycerol, Free

Growth Hormone, Human ELISA

Growth Hormone, Rat/Mouse ELISA

HDL Cholesterol, Direct

High Senstitivity CRP


IGF-1, Human ELISA

IGF-1, Rat/Mouse ELISA

IGF-2, Human ELISA



IL-1 Beta, Human ELISA

IL-10, Human ELISA

IL-6, Human Chemiluminescence

IL-6, Human ELISA

IL-8, Human ELISA


Insulin, Human ELISA

Insulin, Human Specific RIA

Insulin, Mouse ELISA

Insulin, Mouse US ELISA

Insulin, Rat ELISA


Large Shipment

LDL Cholesterol, Calculated

LDL Cholesterol, Direct

Leptin, Human RIA

Leptin, Mouse/Rat ELISA

Leucine - 2H7, in Vitro, GCMS

Leucine - 2H7, Serum, GCMS



Microalbumin/Creatinine ratio, Urine

Non-Esterified Free Fatty Acids, Total

Ordering MMC samples

Osteoprotegerin ELISA

Palmitate-13C, GCMS

Pancreatic Polypeptide, Human ELISA

PBMC Isolation

Phosphorous, Serum

Phosphorous, Urine


Potassium, Serum

Potassium, Urine


Proinsulin(Intact), Human ELISA

Proinsulin(Total), Human ELISA

Proinsulin, Mouse ELISA

Protein, Total

Resistin, Human ELISA

Resistin, Mouse ELISA

Sex Hormone Binding Globulin, Human ELISA

Sodium, Serum

Sodium, Urine

Sorbitol-13C, GCMS

Testosterone, Human ELISA

TNF-alpha, Human ELISA

TNF-alpha, Rat ELISA


Urea Nitrogen, Blood

Urea Nitrogen, Urine

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