Analytical Imaging Facility


New Users

In general, before using the AIF, please make an appointment with Frank Macaluso, Vera DesMarais , Peng Guo, to discuss your project.  This can help guarantee high quality and useful data from your first interaction with the AIF.

Fees / Rates

The fee schedule for microscope use, effective August 18, 2010, is as follows:

Service Assisted Training Unassisted
Confocal  Microscopes $105.00/hr $75.00/hr $37.50/hr
Digital Light Microscopes $105.00/hr $75.000/hr $31.50/hr
Multiphoton Microscope $125.00/hr $105.000/hr $75.00/hr
Image Analysis $105.00/hr $75.00/hr $21.00/hr
JEOL TEM $105.00/hr $105.00/hr $63.00/hr
Zeiss Supra 40 FE SEM $105.00/hr $105.00/hr $63.00/hr
Tecnai 20 TEM $125.00/hr $125.00/hr $73.00/hr

Investigators who do not have appointments at Albert Einstein College of Medicine or at closely affiliated institutions pay 200% of posted fees.

Frank Macaluso may be contacted for additional information on rates and fees.


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