Analytical Imaging Facility

PerkinElmer Spinning Disk

microscope perkin elmer Microscope: Inverted Nikon TE2000-S

10x NA= 0.30 Air
20x NA= 0.5 Air
40x NA=1.3 Oil
60X NA=1.4 Oil
100X NA=1.4 Oil

Excitation Lines (Lasers): 488nm, 568nm, 647nm 

Emission: 525 LP nm for 488 Ex and 488-568-647 set for all Ex lines 

Image Detection: EMCCD camera: Hamamatsu C4742-80-12AG IEEE1394 (Black/White) 

Software: Volocity 

XY-Stage: Manual 

Environmental Control:  Heated Chamber and Heated stage insert 

 Additional Features: Yokogawa spinning disk unit CSU21; UltraVIEW PhotoKinesis unit; Z-stacking; Time-lapse; Photoactivation, FRET, FLIP, FRAP, iFRAP



Forchheimer 641J

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