Research Roundup

Major Study of Epigenetics in Aging—The National Institute on Aging has awarded John M. Greally, D.Med., Ph.D., a five-year, $3.6 million grant to conduct the most comprehensive study to date of cellular epigenetic events in aging, focused on understanding why DNA methylation changes with age.  DNA methylation is a modification of DNA associated with changes in gene expression and has consistently been found to change with age, but the mechanism responsible for this epigenetic change remains unknown. Dr. Greally will focus on cellular epigenetic changes to T lymphocytes, which are white blood cells implicated in a number of age-related diseases. He will assess whether age-associated cellular epigenetic changes in T lymphocytes result from events such as reprogramming of cells or from other factors, including chronic exposure to stress hormones. The study will offer insights into how T lymphocytes are involved in age-related diseases. Dr. Greally is professor of genetics, of medicine and of pediatrics and is director of the Center for Epigenomics at Einstein and a clinical geneticist at Montefiore. (1R01AG057422-01A1)

Wednesday, November 28, 2018