Office of Research Computing

What's New

  • A new multi-tiered storage system is being installed and tested in the Van Etten data center. (June 2014) 

  • New dedicated storage for the VM hosting environment is currently being installed and tested. (June 2014) 

  • CrashPlan is backing up 200+ devices from 15 different Einstein departments, centers and administrative units. (May 2014) 

  • ORC can now offer tape backup in the Van Etten data center using EMC/Legato Networker technology. (March 2014) 

  • The VM hosting environment has now been updated and consists of three vSphere and one vCenter nodes. (March 2014) 

  • ORC is expanding the CrashPlan pilot program to include any Einstein laboratory that wants to participate.  (February 2014) 

  • The CrashPlan pilot program is now deployed in eleven different departments. (February 2014) 

  • ORC can now offer VM hosting out of the Van Etten data center. (January 2014) 

  • ORC can now offer network storage out of the Oracle ZFS appliance located at the Van Etten data center. (January 2014) 

  • CrashPlan pilot has been expanded and now includes participants from the Department of Genetics and Cancer Center.  (December 2013) 

  • ORC has started to build a tape backup capability and VM hosting environment in the Van Etten data center.  (December 2013) 

  • ORC continues to work with ITS to improve the data center intake process, and has recently added more servers and a storage appliance to the equipment operating from the Van Etten data center. (November 2013) 

  •  CrashPlan pilot has reached Phase III. (November 2013) 

  • CrashPlan pilot is moving now into Phase II. (October 2013) 

  • ORC is sponsoring a pilot program aiming to help Einstein researchers safely and securely backup files from their desktop and laptop computers using CrashPlan by Code42. Phase I of the pilot is live now. (September 2013) 
  • ORC is pleased to introduce Roman Kurjewicz, our new Senior Storage Administrator. Roman is located in the Van Etten ORC office next to the data center. (September 2013) 
  • ORC has been working with ITS to streamline the data center intake process. We have successfully brought up several servers into the data center, taking advantage of the multiple levels of redundancy (network, power, cooling) offered at this new location. (August 2013) 
  • The HPC group now operates independently from ORC as the HPC Core facility. (July 2013) 
  • Rob Andrulewich is no longer working at Einstein. (June 2013) 
  • Phase 1 of the HPC/RC migration project to the new Van Etten datacenter is now complete. ITS' TNS group provided the underlying network infrastructure for the migration: an extension of the Einstein Research Network between the Van Etten and Price buildings. The extension consists of 2 X 10GB fiber optic lines and provides, in addition to the added bandwidth, a one-hop network connection between the two buildings. The new infrastructure will allow for improved data transfer between the Price B134 datacenter, the Price sequencing facility and the new datacenter. HPC/RC staff is currently testing transfer speeds via data-mover nodes installed in the new space.  (May 2013) 

  • We welcome another new member to ORC, Victor Sedlacko. Victor will work with our server infrastructure, and will be located in the Van Etten ORC office. (April 2013) 

  • The Office of Research Computing is now operating from the 11th floor of the Belfer building. Please come by to visit! (March 2013) 
  • The first set of research computer equipment has been successfully tested and put in production in the Van Etten data center. (March 2013) 
  • We welcome a new member to the group, Rob Andrulewich. Rob will manage our storage environment, and will be located in the Van Etten building ORC office. (February 2013) 
  • The Van Etten Data Center is in the final stages of testing, and will be soon open for business.  (February 2013)
  • The Office of Research Computing (ORC) is relocating from Belfer 112 to Belfer 1106.  (February 2013)
  • ORC infrastructure personnel are now occupying the new suite next to the Van Etten Data Center (B-03).  (February 2013)
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