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John S. Blanchard, Ph.D.

Attacking TB: A One-Two Punch for a Deadly Bacterium

John Blanchard, Ph.D., has identi?ed a promising new treatment for extensively drug-resistant tuberculosis (XDR-TB), a dangerous form of the disease caused by strains of TB bacteria that have become resistant to virtually all antibiotics. In 2009, Dr. Blanchard reported that a combination of two drugs (clavulanate and meropenem) was highly effective in halting the growth of XDR-TB in laboratory culture. Since then, his drug combination has saved the lives of several patients with XDR-TB and will soon be formally evaluated in two human trials, in South Africa and Belgium. Dr. Blanchard is professor of biochemistry and the Dan Danciger Professor of Biochemistry.

John S. Blanchard, Ph.D.


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