Publication Policy               

It is obligatory for all users to acknowledge the Flow Cytometry Core Faiclity in your grant, manuscripts, abstracts and presentations that utilized services from our facility and acknowledge the AECOM National Cancer Institute's cancer center support grant number, which is P30CA013330, that partially supports all work conducted through the shared facilities at AECOM, which include this facility.

In addition, research utilizing the AECOM Flow Cytometry Core Facility is categorized by these types:

  • Independent use of the facility only (principle investigator, technicians, post docs, associates or graduate students who are trained operators, as defined in the previous section) - ACKNOWLEDGMENT OF FACILITY.

  • Provision of routine procedures and methods by the facility staff - ACKNOWLEDGEMENT OF FACILITY AND SPECIFIC INDIVIDUAL(S).

  • Significant involvement in the project, significant involvement in the interpretation of scientific data, or involvement in the actual writing of a paper, use of original techniques, or novel experimental design by the facility stuff - CO-AUTHORSHIP AND ACKNOWLEDGEMENT OF FACILITY.

  • Independent, original work by the facility staff - SENIOR AUTHORSHIP, WITH PERMISSION GRANTED FROM THE INVESTIGATOR FOR USE OF MATERIALS, AND ACKNOWLEDGEMENT OF FACILITY. Cases of disagreement or potential conflict arising from prior agreements (or more likely, lack of prior agreements) will be assessed and resolved by the flow cytometry advisory board.


Please sign the publication policy form (PDF) to acknowledge that you have read and understand the above policy and return to Jinghang Zhang, Operations Director, Flow Cytometry Core Facility

Jinghang Zhang is solely responsible for the content of this site. Comments, concerns and questions regarding it should be addressed to her.

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