Support Equipment and Software               

Computer analysis workstations:

Two computer workstations are available that facilitate the analysis, presentation and publication of flow cytometry-generated data. The computers are:

  • Macintosh 1.8GHz iMac G5
  • Macintosh dual 2GHz Power Mac G5

The computers are equipped with a variety of contemporary Macintosh-based analysis software choices, consisting of FlowJo, CellQuest Pro and ModFit LT 3.0, and also have appropriate ancillary support software, i.e., Microsoft PowerPoint and Word, Adobe PhotoShop, and FACSConvert, among others. The G5s are on the network and are accessible to networked Xerox Phaser 8400N color laser printers.

IMac G5 G5

Xerox 8400N

AECOM Site License for FlowJo analysis software

A site license for one of the industry standard flow cytometry data analysis software packages, FlowJo, was initiated at Einstein in the autumn of 2006. Site licensing pricing is significantly reduced from the individual price and includes all software upgrades over the course of the year. The price runs ~$200 per computer per year. The renewal period is the end of August. Investigators wishing to have the Windows- or Macintosh-based versions of FlowJo software installed on their own computers in their own laboratory under the terms of the AECOM FlowJo site licensing agreement should contact any of the facility staff for more information. Tutorials for learning how to use FlowJo are available and can also be accessed in the 'Protocols and Useful Links' section of this web site.

Try FlowJo free for 30 days!

Free Flow Cytometry analysis software:

Many varieties of free flow cytometry analysis software exist, though WinMDI is the most popular. A WinMDI tutorial is available, which can be accessed on the facility's web site in the 'Protocols and Useful Links' section.

Summit v5, for Windows users, is available to AECOM users by virtue of the fact that the facility owns 2 MoFlo high-speed cell sorters. Contact any of the facility staff to obtain the software.

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