Postdoctoral Studies

Health Benefits

Full-time postdoctoral fellows at Albert Einstein College of Medicine of Yeshiva University are eligible for the following package of benefits:

  • pre-tax contributions for health and dental benefits, which reduces taxable income;
  • three-tier health coverage structure (single, two-person and family); two-person coverage includes yourself and either a spouse or a dependent child;
  • access to reimbursement accounts for eligible healthcare, dependent care and transportation expenses, which allows you to reduce your taxable income and to be reimbursed for eligible out-of-pocket expenses that you incur;
  • access to a retirement plan that allows you to save for your retirement; and
  • disability benefits that provide you with income replacement should you become unable to work due to non-job-related illness or injury (including disabilities arising from pregnancies).


Full-time postdoctoral researchers who receive their stipends from Einstein are eligible to participate in the Empire Blue Cross Blue Shield Exclusive Provider Organization, the health plan that is offered to postdoctoral researchers as well as to their legally married spouses and dependent children. Postdoctoral researchers who are enrolled in the health plan also are eligible to join the Aetna Dental Maintenance Organization. Single coverage is provided to postdoctoral researchers for a small monthly contribution; a higher fee is required for both two-person and family coverage.

Full-time postdoctoral researchers who are conducting their research at Einstein, but do not receive their stipends from Einstein, are eligible to purchase single or family coverage.

Additionally, each full-time postdoctoral researcher is provided with a $50,000 life insurance benefit for which no contribution is required.


Health insurance coverage is not automatic. Eligible postdoctoral researchers must complete an enrollment application within 30 days of their appointment dates and authorize or pay any required contribution before coverage can become effective. Applications and a detailed description of the health insurance plan are available from the university benefits office in Room 1203 of the Belfer Educational Center. The insurance carrier will send membership cards to the home address listed on the application. The membership card contains important telephone numbers and should be carried at all times.

Services Provided

The Empire Blue Cross Blue Shield Exclusive Provider Organization provides coverage for a wide range of hospital, surgical and medical services. The plan description should be reviewed carefully prior to any need to access services, as it contains important information about the covered services and plan requirements. Questions may be directed to customer service representatives at Empire Blue Cross Blue Shield or the health plan representatives in the university benefits office.

For additional information regarding covered services and/or providers, laboratories and hospitals participating in the plan, visit the Empire Blue Cross Blue Shield website at or consult the Empire Blue Cross Blue Shield booklet.



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