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Postdoctoral Fellowship - Mammalian Epigenomics - Chromatin Structure and Function

Job Description:

NIH-funded postdoctoral fellowship available at Albert Einstein College of Medicine in the laboratory of Dr. Art Skoultchi, Resnick Professor and Chair of Cell Biology.

The goal is to understand the role of H1 linker histones and chromatin remodeling ATPases in development and gene regulation. We have prepared a unique series of knock-out mice and ES cell lines lacking H1 histones and the SNF2H chromatin remodeling factor.  Our studies have revealed a role for H1 histones and SNF2H in blood cell development, DNA damage repair and apoptosis, and gene regulation, including DNA methylation and imprinting (Yang PNAS 110, 1708 (2013); Lu Science 340, 78 (2013); Maclean MCB 31, 1275 (2011); Nishiyama Nat Cell Biol. 11, 172 (2009); Murga J Cell Biol. 178, 1101 (2007); Chong Nat Genet 39, 614 (2007); Fan Cell 123, 1199 (2005); Stopka PNAS 100, 14097 (2003)).

Candidates should possess strong independent research abilities with ambitious scientific interests, self-motivation and the ability to work effectively with a team.  Experience working with embryonic stem cells and mice is a plus.

The successful applicant will be offered generous salary and benefits, including university subsidized postdoctoral housing in a pleasant residential neighborhood near the medical school.

To apply, please send a CV with a brief description of research experience and career goals and a statement about how your skills and experience will allow you to make important contributions to our research, plus contact information for three references to:

Dr. Art Skoultchi,
Resnick Professor and Chair
Department of Cell Biology
Albert Einstein College of Medicine
1300 Morris Park Avenue
New York, NY 10461

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