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 Policy for Stipend Levels and Increments for Research Fellows

Policy for Research Fellows Supported by NIH Training Grants and Fellowships as of 10/1/14
Stipend levels for research fellows supported by NIH training grants and fellowships will continue to be governed by the rules of the funding agency.

Research fellows on Federal National Research Service Awards (T-32s and F-32s)
1.  The stipend schedule (effective since 10/1/14) is as follows:

Years of Relevant
Postdoc Experience 
   Base Stipend 
0 $42,840
1 $44,556
2 $46,344
3 $48,192
4 $50,112
5 $52,116
6 $54,216
7 or more   $56,376

2.  Stipends for research fellows on NIH training grants and fellowships may be supplemented commensurate with the training, expertise and productivity of the individual.  However, supplements may only be paid from nonfederal sources.
3.  Stipend level adjustments to the next step can be made only on the anniversary date of initiation of the fellowship or the appointment date of the trainee.
4.  Increases in stipend supplements for research fellows can be implemented at any time if appropriate nonfederal funding sources are available.
6.  Research fellows must be reviewed with regard to performance at least annually.

Policy for All Other Research Fellows

For research fellows who are funded from sources other than federal training grants, federal fellowships and nonfederal fellowships:

1.  Albert Einstein College of Medicine will continue to have a minimum stipend level.
Effective immediately, the minimum stipend level for research fellows at Albert Einstein College of Medicine will be the NIH base minimum of $42,840.
2. For Postdoctoral Fellows hired after 1/7/15:  No Research Fellow will be hired below the prevailing minimum stipend level.

3.  For Postdoctoral Fellows Hired after 1/7/15: Incumbent Research Fellows will be incremented to at least the prevailing minimum stipend level no later than their next anniversary date.
4.  These guidelines define the minimum postdoctoral salary at Einstein.  Mentors are encouraged to exceed this minimum commensurate with the training, expertise and productivity of the individual.
5.  Increases in stipends for reseach fellows can be implemented at any time. The Belfer Institute recommends that postdoctoral salaries be increased at least annually.  The magnitude of this increment is left to the discretion of the mentor, commensurate with the training, expertise and productivity of the individual, as long as the final stipend is at or above the prevailing minimum stipend level.  The NIH stipend schedule for NRSA fellows is a reasonable guide to such increases.

6.  For research fellows who receive direct payment from an external source that is less than the prevailing minimum, the PI will provide a supplement to bring the total stipend to a level that is no less than the prevailing minimum, and will review the individual at least annually as described above.

Rev. 6/12/15

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