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Slow Walking Speed and Memory Complaints Can Predict Dementia

Slow Walking Speed and Memory Complaints Can Predict Dementia


July 25, 2014—(BRONX, NY)—A study involving nearly 27,000 older adults on five continents found that nearly 1 in 10 met criteria for pre-dementia based on a simple test that measures how fast people walk and whether they have cognitive complaints. People who tested positive for pre-dementia were twice as likely ...read more

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Research Spotlight

Rare Disease Research

Inspired by the children and families struggling with the rare brain disease Niemann-Pick C, Dr. Steven Walkley turned a serendipitous lab discovery into a promising therapy.

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Research Round-Up

Critical Training — Dr. Kami Kim has been awarded a five-year, $1.6 million renewal grant from the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases to support her continued leadership of a multidisciplinary educational program for graduate students, postdoctoral researchers and clinical researchers. Trainees in the program are mentored by a score of distinguished faculty members and collaborate on translational... read more


Understanding Disease Development — The National Institute of Mental Health has awarded $2 million over five years to Dr. Herbert Lachman to fund his research on using induced pluripotent stem cells as a model system to study the underlying molecular and genetic basis of developmental and neuropsychiatric disorders such as schizophrenia, bipolar disorder and autism spectrum disorders. The particular molecular... read more


Understanding Addiction — The National Institutes of Health’s National Institute on Drug Abuse has awarded Dr. Saleem Nicola nearly $2 million over five years to support his efforts to find the neural circuitry underlying drug addiction. Recovering drug addicts can relapse into drug-seeking behavior when they encounter stimuli associated with drugs. Using a rat behavioral model, the Nicola lab will... read more

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Dr. Lisa Shulman

Dr. Lisa Shulman
  • Autism early diagnosis/identification
  • Learning disorders

Dr. Shulman is a developmental pediatrician with special expertise in autism spectrum disorders (ASD) and learning disabilities. Her research interests ...read more

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Recent Recruits

Dr. Wenjun GuoDr. Wenjun Guo
Assistant Professor
Cell Biology

Dr. Guo joins Einstein from Weill Cornell Graduate School of Medical Sciences. more

He notes, "My lab is interested in two interlocking areas of stem cell biology: the molecular pathways that regulate the normal stem-cell state in the mammary gland, and the role of these pathways in the regulation of breast cancer stem cells." Dr. Guo's profile