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Volume 29, Issues 1 and 2

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Volume 29 (2013), Issues 1 and 2, 1-72 

Inside This Issue

Inside this Issue
EJBM. 2013; 29(1/2):1-2.
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Original Article

Perceptions of an Implantable Cardioverter-Defibrillator: A Qualitative Study of Families with a History of Sudden, Life-Threatening Cardiac Events, and Recommendations to Improve Care
Jarrett Linder, MD, MS, Nadia Hidayatallah, PsyD, Marina Stolerman, PsyD, Thomas V. McDonald, MD, Robert Marion, MD, Christine Walsh, MD, and Siobhan M. Dolan, MD, MPH
EJBM. 2013; 29:3-14.
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Brief Communication

Impact of an Intensive Cardiology Orientation Program on Confidence of New Fellows
Priti Kaur, MD, MPH, Michael J. Grushko, MD, Diana Kim, MD, Edwin Lee, MD, MS, Apurva Motivala, MD, and Robert J. Ostfeld, MD, MSc
EJBM. 2013; 29:15-19.
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Scientific Review

Commensal Microbiota: Powerful Immunological Tools for Gut Homeostasis
Lisa Scandiuzzi, PhD
EJBM. 2013; 29:20-25.
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What Have We Learned About Learning? Reflections from Developmental Psychology and Cognitive Neuroscience
Saloni Krishnan, MSc and Daniel Carey, MSc
EJBM. 2013; 29:26-31.
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What Do We Know about Spatial Navigation, and What Else Could Model-Based fMRI Tell Us?
Adam Tyson, MSc
EJBM. 2013; 29:32-39.
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Innovative Medical Education

The Use of Personal Accounts in the Study of Severe Mental Illness
Mary E. Woesner, MD and Christen Kidd, MD
EJBM. 2013; 29:40-45.
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Case Report

The Metamorphosis of a Horse into a Zebra: A Case of Primary Eosinophilic Gastroenteritis
Jason N. Salamon, MD, Deborah Sherman, MD, and Sheira Schlair, MD, M
EJBM. 2013; 29:46-48.
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The Rise and Fall of Authoritarianism in the Teaching of Medicine
Richard M. Hays, MD
EJBM. 2013; 29:49-51.
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Process and Experience of Creating a Student-Run Step 1 Guidance Program
Jacob H. Johnson, MD, Eric J. Jordan, MD, and Sharon Silbiger, MD
EJBM. 2013; 29:52-53.
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A Perspective on the Relationship between Jacobi Medical Center and Albert Einstein College of Medicine: In the Days of the Giants
Michael Touger, MD
EJBM. 2013; 29:54-55.
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Historical Perspective

Prevailing Theories in Cardiovascular Physiology during Ancient and Classical Times
Tan Michael Nguyen, MD
EJBM. 2013; 29:56-60.
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Drug Discovery over the Past Thirty Years: Why Aren’t There More New Drugs?
Lloyd D. Fricker, PhD
EJBM. 2013; 29:61-65.
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In Memoriam

Dr. Richard M. Hays – An Einstein Legend If There Ever Was
Belinda Jim, MD
EJBM. 2013; 29:66-67.
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Memorial Eulogy for Dr. Sharon Silbiger
Victor L. Schuster, MD
EJBM. 2013; 29:68-69.
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Memorial Eulogy for Dr. Richard M. Hays
Victor L. Schuster, MD
EJBM. 2013; 29:70-71.
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“Raising the Dead” and “Symptoms”
Bruce Lader
EJBM. 2013; 29:72.
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Journal Information

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