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Volume 28, Issue 1

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Volume 28 (2012), Issue 1, 1-44  

Inside This Issues

Inside this Issue
EJBM. 2012; 28(1):1.
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Historical Perspective

From Form to Function: A History of the Department of Biochemistry of the Albert Einstein College of Medicine
Sasha Englard PhD and Karin Hopkin, PhD
EJBM. 2012; 28(1):2-11.
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The Discovery of Insulin: Is there Glory Enough for All?
Ian Whitford, MS, Sana Qureshi, BA, and Alessandra L. Szulc, MA
EJBM. 2012; 28(1):12-17.
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Medicine and Ethics

Medical Genetic Research on the Amish: From Genetic Tourism to Community Health Tourism
Shoshana Tell, AB
EJBM. 2012; 28(1):18-24.
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Medical Review

Science at the Heart of Psychotherapy: A Review of Three Evidence-Based Treatments
Victoria Brady, MA, Victoria Taylor, MA, and Simon A. Rego, PsyD.
EJBM. 2012; 28(1):25-32.
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Case Report

A Rare Case of Cystic Schwannoma of the Portal Triad
Dimitrios V. Avgerinos, MD, Meshach Hennatigala, MD, and Andrew Y. Lo, MD.
EJBM. 2012; 28(1):33-35.
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Symposium Report

The Psychedelic Renaissance: Horizons, the Fifth Annual Conference on Psychedelic Research
Michael Cooper, BA. 
EJBM. 2012; 28(1):36-38.
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Oral Cancer Screening in High-Risk Individuals: The Need for Awareness by the Primary Care Physician
Frank Lalezardzadeh, BS, David Folk, MD, Jessie J. Hanna, BS, and Boris Pashhover, MD
EJBM. 2012; 28(1):39-40.
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Book Review

The Emperor of All Maladies: A Biography of Cancer
Christopher Beaudoin, BA
EJBM. 2012; 28(1):41-42.
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Poem & Illustration

Malaria- A Survivors Account
Saher Lalani, MPH
EJBM. 2012; 28(1):43.
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Adina Haramati
EJBM. 2012; 28(1):44.
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Journal Information

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