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Volume 27, Issue 2

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Volume 27 (2011), Issue 2, 49-99 

Cover to Cover

Inside this Issue
Sara Rosenbaum
EJBM. 2011; 27(2):49-50.
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Original Articles

The Risk of Fracture in Patients Undergoing Androgen Deprivation May Be Overstated: Analysis of an Unselected Cohort of Patients
Kevin J. Clerkin, MD, Seth M. Cohen, MD, and Ronald D. Ennis, MD
EJBM. 2011; 27(2):51-54.
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Protein Damage and Antioxidant Status Alterations Caused by Oxidative Injury in Chronic Myeloid Leukemia
Deepti Pande, MSc, Reena Negi, MSc, Ranjana S. Khanna, PhD, and Hari D. Khanna, PhD
EJBM. 2011; 27(2):55-58.
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Medical Reviews

Congenital Melanocytic Nevi and the Risk of Malignant Melanoma: Establishing a Guideline for Primary-Care Physicians
Jeremy Nikfarjam, MD, and Earle Chambers, MPH, PhD
EJBM. 2011; 27(2):59-66.
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Engaging Healthcare Providers to Help Mothers with Eating Disorders Create Healthy Eating Environments for Their Children
Meagan Campol, BA
EJBM. 2011; 27(2):67-73.
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Brief Medical Reviews

Brain-Spleen Inflammatory Coupling: A Literature Review
Jonathan Rasouli, BS, Rukmani Lekhraj, BA, Mihran Ozbalik, MD, Parviz Lalezari, MD, and Diana Casper, PhD
EJBM. 2011; 27(2):74-77.
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Brief Scientific Reviews

Optogenetic Technology and Its In Vivo Applications
Simon Gelman, PhD
EJBM. 2011; 27(2):78-81.
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On the Wards

Your Practical Survival Guide to Surgical Internship
Derek F. Amanatullah, MD, PhD
EJBM. 2011; 27(2):82-85.
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Innovative Graduate Education

From Bio 101 to Pillars of Biology: A Pedagogical Experiment
Michelle E. Maxson, MS, Sabrina A. Volpi, PhD,and Sandeep N. Wontakal, PhD
EJBM. 2011; 27(2):86-93.
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Sole Searching
Sarah Rae Strunk, MD
EJBM. 2011; 27(2):94-95.
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It Could Have Been Easier
Chaitanya Pabbati, BS
EJBM. 2011; 27(2):96-98.
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Maternal Love
Saher Lalani, MPH
EJBM. 2011; 27(2):99.
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Journal Information

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